We want to be a clear and complete as possible with sharing information our websites. Of course, you know that a full day of training for € 20 is not very realistic, right? The topics in our training courses can also be different from what we mention on the website. That’s not because we’ve made a mistake in writing them down. But because our participants and realising their learning goals are always more important. Which might result in taking another road towards reaching our objectives. So yes, here it comes: Traineroo.com cannot guarantee the correctness or completeness of the information as mentioned on our websites. The information provided is not legally binding. Traineroo.com does not accept any liability for inaccuracies or incompleteness on our website, learning platform and (social media) platforms.


Even though we distance ourselves from liability, that does not alter the fact that we really enjoy learning. Discovered a mistake on our website or learning platform? Please share it with us! You can drop us a line via our contact page. Or, if you would like to talk to us in person, you can reach us at +31 (0) 76 – 785 98 22. We’ll pour you a virtual cup of coffee for free!

Externe websites

Keeping our own website actual and accurate is already quite a job. Keeping track of all other websites mentioning us is simply impossible! We might place links to external websites when we believe it will be relevant for you. Usually even ‘deep links’ so that you do not have to search for the information that we would like to share with you on that website. Traineroo.com is not responsible or liable for the content on thrid party website. Found a dead link? Share it with us!

Linkbuilding without relevance? Not at Traineroo.com…

Other websites may link to our website. Great for link building. We believe that relevance is way more important than the number of visitors on our website. We like you linking to Traineroo.com, but only if it contributes to the visitor experience. We also prefer not to be associated with some activities (you cannot buy blue pills here). Moreover, it is also not permitted to suggest that Traineroo.com has given permission if this is not the case. We list our official partners on our ‘About Us‘ page. Is a (company)name not mentioned on this page? Then there is no collaboration between this party and Traineroo.com.


Do you have any questions or comments about our disclaimer? Please feel free to contact us, we’re happy to explain!

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