Terms and Conditions. No fun to read, but important as the foundation for successful collaborations. That is why we have described them on this page. It describes how we play ‘the game’ with our customers, partners and participants. They apply to all activities on our platform, proposals and agreements unless stated otherwise. Dutch law applies to our terms & conditions.


By visiting our websites and/or signing up for our newsletter and Traineroo.app learning platform, you agree to our terms & conditions. This also applies when you register for a training course or workshop. Or when you put your signature on a proposal or confirmation. We always refer to our terms & conditions in our proposals and contracts. Deviating agreements only apply if they are included in our proposal or contract.


Making the difference is in our DNA. We inspire, confront, reflect and work together with you and / or the participants to achieve our defined learning goals. Working with with Traineroo.com means guaranteed results!

Our participants rate our training courses (and learning journeys) with at least an 8 (on a scale from 1 – 10). We won’t settle for less anyway. Do you rate your participation in a training or workshop with less than an 8? Then we will discuss how to solve this together. For free. That’s a promise. Please read the conditions* below.

* Conditions: we can only guarantee results and happy participants if we can influence the result. That is why we include an online intake survey before each training course or workshop. In order to guarantee result, we reserve the right to:

  • In the case of in-company training courses, advice to not let a participant join the training. If you choose not to comply with this, the guarantee expires for the entire training course. For in-company training and customized training, this guarantee only applies if explicitly stated in the proposal.
  • With open training courses deny a participant participation in a training course. If a participant is not motivated and / or does not participate with the right expectations, this will negatively effect the learning process of the entire group. You will receive a refund of any costs already paid for participation within 5 working days, with a deduction of € 50 for performing the intake survey, assessment of the content and feedback to you as the client.


All prices are exclusive of VAT, travel costs, accommodation costs and location costs. We deliver what we have agreed on. And for that, we will send you an invoice. Simple as that. Unless other agreements have been made, you will receive an invoice for each part of the project after completion. We expect you to pay the invoice within 14 days. Are you used to work with a longer payment term? Then we’ll invoice in advance. We want to get paid at least 14 days after execution. No exceptions. Because we prefer to spend our time on more useful things than chasing invoices. For example, in the development of our participants. Or a good conversation about the future of your company. If flights, hotels or training accommodations have to be booked, we will invoice the cost in advance. The same goes for the development of tailor-made training courses. This way we can also pay our #TeamTraineroo partners on time. Wouldn’t the world look a lot better (and easier) if we all did that?

What if the invoice is not paid on time?

  • Anyone can make a mistake. No problem. You will receive a reminder from us with a payment term of 7 days again.
  • Have we not received payment after 21 days? Then you will receive a 2nd and final reminder. It is important that the invoice is paid immediately.
  • If an invoice has expired more than 14 days – or if there are more than 2 invoices outstanding of which the due date has expired – we reserve the right to immediately put all parts of the project still to be executed on hold. Training days will be cancelled. The project will be restarted when 90% of the total project amount has been paid. We engage a collection agency for the outstanding amount including cancellation costs. Not nice, but we like to spend our time on things that really matter.


Cancellation by the client

Bummer. But sometimes there’s just no other option. Let’s discuss. Maybe we can reschedule to another date? Costs we have already incurred are always invoiced. Time and knowledge are our most important asset. Knowledge remains, but we cannot keep our time in the fridge. Canceling a session at short notice simply costs us money. So we apply the following rules: do you cancel less than 3 weeks before the start of a training? Then we will charge the full amount. Do you cancel within 6 weeks before the start of the training? Then we’ll charge you with 50% of the quotation amount. If you cancel a training more than 6 weeks before the start, we will not charge you anything. Including administration costs.

Please note: The following applies to all terms mentioned: You only pay if we cannot sell our time or the canceled date to another client. After all, we don’t charge you just for fun.

How does that work? Suppose you have booked an in-company training for the total amount of € 2500. Unfortunately, you have to cancel this one week before the training. You will receive an invoice of € 2500. But… we will try to fill in this date with work for another customer. And we will be actively committed to that! Suppose we cas sell half a day of coaching worth € 800 on that date? Then we will deduct this from your invoice. And so you’ll only pay € 2500 – € 800 = € 1700.

Rescheduling by the client

Are you rescheduling a session to another date? Then the same terms and rules apply as described when canceling a training. But you will receive a 50% discount on the new date. That’s how we share the pain. Fair enough, right?

Cancellation or rescheduling by Traineroo.com

Chances are small, but it can occur. After all, we are just humans too. If a training or other learning activity is canceled by us, we will contact you to discuss. In case of rescheduling an open training, you have the right to cancel the training free of charge. Any costs already made are for us. Including costs for flights and / or accommodation costs.


We are very serious about our responsibilities. We will always act in the interest of your organisation and our participants. You can rely on that. It is possible that a participant was already on the verge of a burnout and reports sick after participating in a training. We’ve been there before… Or a participant who adjusts prices just a little too enthusiastically after a Revenue Management training. And puts the comma too far to the left. We like to take responsibility, but there are limits. In order to guarantee the existence of Traineroo.com, we have inserted this section about liability just a little bit more businesslike.

Traineroo.com has a liability insurance. That does not mean that we just claim everything from that insurance. When liability from Traineroo.com is established – preferably through consultation, but otherwise through a court decision – we will compensate the direct damage, taking into account the following limitations:

  • Traineroo.com is under no circumstances liable for indirect damage such as (but not limited to) lost turnover or profit, reputation damage, immaterial damage, financial consequences of sickness absence, consequential damage and fines.

  • The liability of Traineroo.com is limited to the amount that may be paid out by our insurer.

  • We provide safety instructions during group assignments. Traineroo.com is not liable for property damage occured during the execution of such group assignments.

  • The client guarantees that participants whom he / she allows to participate in a training have accepted our liability limitations.

  • Traineroo.com is not liable for direct or indirect damage caused by the provision of incorrect or incomplete information from the client.


At Traineroo.com we believe in the power of sharing knowledge. That is why we do not claim copyright. And we do not claim intellectual property either. In fact, we actively encourage the sharing of (our) knowledge! Traineroo.com uses a Creative Commons license on all its content. We are using the ‘Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International’ license for that. This means that by definition you have permission from us to (re)use or adapt our content. The following conditions apply:

  • When you use (adapted) content from Traineroo.com, you’ll share “Traineroo.com” as source reference. With a recognisable direct link to (a relevant page on) our website www.traineroo.com. Without “no-follow” in the html code…
  • You have to publish the (modified) content under the same Creative Commons license we are using. It is therefore not allowed to share content from us and claim copyright / intellectual property on it.
  • It is not allowed to use (adapted) content from Traineroo.com for commercial purposes unless you are a registered Freelance of Fanchise partner of Traineroo. Just to be clear: you cannot publish a blog article from our website on your own website and offer your own training courses via a call-to-action in this article. That’s just not how we do business…

Exceptions: this Creative Commons license does not apply to content that we use through a license structure such as DISC training. The intellectual property as described by the holders on their website applies.


Your privacy matters to us. At Traineroo.com you are (and always will remain) in charge of your own data. Yes, we collect and process personal data. To give you more insight into how we do that, you can read our privacy statement. As a client, you are responsible for ensuring that your participants are aware of the way in which we process personal data. Do you have a question about it? Have a look at our privacy statement or just contact us. We are happy to explain!


Any questions about our terms & conditions? Please feel free to contact us, we’re happy to explain!

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