Traineroo Team

Traineroo is a value network of professionals, specialised in training, coaching and learning development. All with their own expertise and driven to make a difference for our customers and participants. Professionals who live the Traineroo Experience Blueprint. Working with Traineroo means progress and results, guaranteed. Meet #teamtraineroo! Want to learn more about our team members or get in touch with one of our trainers? Click on their profile below for more information and contact options. Or call us on +31 (0) 76 – 785 98 22.
Kirsten Lang - Consultant Coach Trainer - Traineroo Talent Development
Kirsten Lang
Senior Strategy Consultant
Jeroen Bosman - Trainer Hospitality Business Model Innovation - Traineroo Talent Development
Jeroen Bosman
Partner / Senior Trainer Consultant
Fons van den Bemd - Traineroo Vitaliteitsgroep Trainer Coach Leiderschap
Fons van den Bemd
Trainer / Coach
Erik van Straaten - Traineroo Talent Development
Erik van Straaten
Master Trainer / LEGO® Serious Play Facilitator
Miriam Tol - Training Traineroo Talent Development 6 Profiel
Miriam Tol
Trainer / Coach
Daimen van der Schenk - Marketing & Communicatie
Daimen van der Schenk
Marketing & Communications
Maaike van Es - Haperen
Maaike van Es - Haperen
Evert Kupers - Master Trainer Traineroo Talent Development
Evert Küpers
Trainer / Coach
Danny Valentine Fernando-Trick Visual Designer Traineroo
Danny Fernando-Trick
Transformational Designer
Jeroen van der Schenk | Senior Trainer - Founder of Traineroo Talent Development
Jeroen van der Schenk
Master Trainer - Founder
Nino Jacobs
Master Trainer - Leadership
Firmin Celestin Kokora - Traineroo Talent Development
Firmin Celestin Kokora
Customer Experience Trainer
Marjan de Jong - Traineroo Trainer Coach Consultant
Marjan de Jong
Trainer / Coach
Markus Rüben-Dumeier -
Markus Rüben-Dumeier
Trainer / Coach
Aseem Kapoor - ARK People Solutions Traineroo 1
Aseem Kapoor
Chief HR ARK-itect
Harriett Langley - Traineroo
Harriett Langley
Value Network Manager
Erica van Ommen - Traineroo
Erica van Ommen
Trainer / Coach
Rozemarijn van der Post - Traineroo Learning Development
Rozemarijn van der Post
Learning Development Manager
Ruben Willems - Traineroo Training Coaching
Ruben Willems
Design Sprint Facilitator
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