Be bold. One of the most important criteria to become part of #TeamTraineroo. Celestin is a personality! When he enters the room, you’ll know. Full of energy, passion and dedication. Celestin helps teams to improve customer focus , hospitality and service. With infectious enthusiasm. Active for more than 15 years as a trainer and team coach in the hospitality industry, and still having fun every day.

Celestin is fluent in German, English and French. In addition, Celestin has a passion for the Haka , a ceremonial dance from the Māori culture. Best known in Europe for the rugby team The All Blacks . And also applies this regularly in his training courses and workshops. Are you looking for an enthusiastic trainer to give your team a motivation boost? Then you have found your trainer with Celestin! Feel free to contact Celestin by using the contact button below.


Do you want to get in touch with Celestin? You can send a message directly using the form below. He will get back to you soon!

I’m not crazy or insane. I’m just a limited edition…


Is your team ready for a boost in motivation and energy? Celestin is the person to get in touch with! Celestin is certified Experience STARs trainer and facilitates training courses and workshops in English, German or French. Do you have a question for Celestin? Click on the contact button below and drop him a line!

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