Kirsten Lang has gained extensive experience in the (inter)national hotel industry after graduating at the Hotel Management School The Hague. She has worked for The Student Hotel, Bilderberg Hotels & Restaurants, InterContinental Hotel Group and Hilton International, among others. Based on her broad experience, Kirsten helps organisations and teams with change processes and the translation of strategy and objectives into concrete solutions and actions. Working on the development of employees and (leadership) teams are essential in her approach. Kirsten is energetic and challenges to get people and organisations moving. Working together on more satisfied customers and employees. Because change can also be fun!

Kirsten is experienced in guiding small and large change projects. She creates support among all stakeholders with humor and genuine involvement. Kirsten has very strong project management skills. She encourages action, brings structure to projects and simply get things done. Obviously within the established budgets and deadlines. Would you like to meet Kirsten? Click here to send her a message!


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Do it with passion. Or not at all…


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Joost Serrarens - The Student Hotel - Kirsten Lang Traineroo Training Coaching Consultancy
Joost Serrarens
The Student Hotel

Since 2014, Kirsten has been involved in a wide range of strategic projects (IT, HR, Operational, Quality, etc.) during the start-up and upscaling phase of The Student Hotels. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her on most of them. Successful project management is a combination of hard and soft skills. Delivery of the project, on schedule, on budget and the ability to deliver a positive experience to the team around you. Kirsten is a master at managing that combination and always delivers! Very passionate, motivated and focused.

Mark Struik - Postillion Hotels - Kirsten Lang Traineroo Training Coaching Consultancy
Mark Struik
Postillion Hotels
Commercial Director

Kirsten Lang is very professional and has extensive relevant expertise. Both in terms of content and project management. She gave me the confidence that the project was in good hands with her. Kirsten made sure that everyone fulfilled his / her tasks, regardless of their position inside or outside the organisation. I also greatly appreciated her critical opinion. She often held up a mirror to the organisation (and me) which prevented us from settling for just 80%. At the same time, Kirsten coped well with decisions that may not have been her immediate preference. All in all, it became a very successful project, both in terms of technical implementation and on the process side (and within budget). Big compliment and I can highly recommend Kirsten as a business partner!

Monika Sand - Lindner Hotels Resorts - Kirsten Lang Traineroo Training Coaching Consultancy
Monika Sand
Lindner Hotels & Resorts
Corporate Revenue Manager

At Lindner Hotels Group, we have had the pleasure of working with Kirsten Lang as our trainer for Revenue Management training courses. We have experienced Kirsten as a very professional trainer, who, thanks to her broad experience, helped improve our training sessions during the preparation. Thanks to her knowledge and motivation, Kirsten provides valuable insights. Her passion for Revenue Management is contagious! We would love to work with Kirsten again in the future.

Felix Hillen - The Student Hotel - Kirsten Lang Traineroo Training Coaching Consultancy
Felix Hillen
The Student Hotel
Managing Director

What a pleasure it is to work with Kirsten! Whether it is the implementation of new information systems across the company, setting up a training program or organising hotel opening teams, Kirsten gets things done. She managed complex projects in our highly dynamic setting, guarding milestones, budgets and quality. And all in a relaxed and fun way, creating buy-in from all involved. Can’t wait for a next project!!

Marjon Terpstra - Olympia - Kirsten Lang Traineroo Training Coaching Consultancy
Marjon Terpstra
Performance Solutions
Lead Development - Product Owner a.i. GrowBee

Kirsten is a talented, committed and passionate professional. I have experienced Kirsten as someone who is open to innovation, precise and pragmatic. But above all, very pleasant and transparent in collaboration. Kirsten is a true professional with a passion for what she does!

Rick Dieteren - Van der Valk Hotels - Kirsten Lang Traineroo Training Coaching Consultancy
Rick Dieteren
Van der Valk Hotels
Revenue Coördinator

Kirsten Lang provided us with a very targeted revenue management training. We gained a lot of knowledge from a real pro! We have been given many goals to get started with revenue management in the coming year and to broaden and improve the revenue strategy within Hotel Heerlen in a very professional way.

Florinda Eletto - The Student Hotel - Kirsten Lang Traineroo Training Coaching Consultancy
Florinda Eletto
The Student Hotel
Regional Sales Director Europe

Kirsten is an energetic and inspiring person who has extensive knowledge in commercial strategy, project management and training & coaching. She can set up and manage big projects from A-Z with different stakeholders managing all levels within a company. From MT to team leaders and people on executing level. She works independent but can be a team player as well. She gets everybody on board to reach highest results possible and she does this in a constructive and motivating way. Her portfolio of successful finalized projects are numerous. She can make a difference within your organisation.

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Kirsten Lang - Traineroo Training Coaching Consultancy
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