Nino Jacobs is an experienced leadership trainer. From his background in the hospitality industry, he is also very connected to topics like customer experience, behavioural change, communication and team dynamics. Always curious about what people moves. Why do you do what you do? What is the impact of your behaviour and actions on the other person(s)? And is that the impact you intend to have?

Nino excels in direct interventions, reflection and increasing awareness of behaviour. He helps to translate these insights into concrete actions. Are you looking for in-company leadership training? Nino is a professional in development of leadership development programs and uses his personal experiences, education and knowledge as a source of inspiration. His style of working is characterised by care, involvement and humor. Would you like to meet Nino? Click here to send him a message.


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Leadership is not about titles, positions of flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another…


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Learning Longevity Model by Traineroo
Learning & Development: From ROI Towards Learning Longevity

Measuring the Return on Investment (ROI) in learning and development initiatives is tough to do. The impact of the learning programs can only be truly measured over a period of time. High impact learning organizations, tend to significantly outperform their peers in several areas. Learn more about learning longevity and download our white-paper, including 5 free L&D tools!

The Power of Music in Training

One of the most challenging parts of facilitating training sessions: actively managing the energy level to enhance learning and engagement. The use of music during a training, workshop or event – if chosen properly – contributes to creating the right atmosphere and will drive the learning experience and participant performance.

Team Meeting Motivation - Traineroo
10 questions to get your team (and yourself) ready

It’s the end of the year, and you most likely have created beautiful plans for 2023. How can we ensure they don’t end up where our resolutions end up? Research shows that New Year’s resolutions are manufactured to fail. In fact, 80% of people who have made a resolution have failed by the beginning of February. How can we shift our mindset so that we don’t fall into the same patterns and pitfalls as humans and as a team? How do you get your team 2023 ready?

Jan Doove - Directeur Doove Care Groep
Jan Doove
Doove Care Groep
CEO / Owner

At Doove Care Group we have the ambition to grow in leadership with our management team. As a manager in a growing organisation, you will be in charge of increasingly large teams and you will have to develop skills to deal with that. The board and management of Doove Care Group have been working with Erik van Straaten and Nino Jacobs for several years now. And for good reasons. Erik and Nino immersed themselves in our organisation, but also in our people. They quickly get to know your team and understand the challenges that needs to be worked on. Several times a year, Erik and Nino coach our team through the pitfalls of growing organisations. How do you get your team on board in changes? How do you deal with resistance? But also soft skills of leadership are extensively discussed and there is a lot of attention for mutual relationships in the team. The positive effect of development in leadership and team dynamics we are experiencing is extremely important. Erik and Nino facilitate, direct and organise based on their vision of leadership development. Always in consultation with the management, making it a truly tailor-made solution for our company.

Jeroen Ruigrok - HR Manager PwC Nederland
Jeroen Ruigrok
PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)
HR Manager

Nino has the talent to be both observer and participant. He is brilliant in developing and facilitating leadership development programs. From his experience as a trainer/coach, he knows how to set up unique training courses and programs. Focused on the experience and learning of the other, without a predetermined script. Above all, he is a very approachable guy to work with!

Barbara van Beek - Directeur Capabel Onderwijs Groep
Barbara van Beek
Capabel Onderwijs Groep
Managing Director

Niño is guiding our management team members in the development of their (personal) leadership development. He is a sharp and sensitive coach and guide, who is very connecting and therefore helps to gain insights with which colleagues and the organisation can move forward. He communicates without judgment, is curious, interested and facilitating. And he brings the necessary humor to his trainings and interventions. In addition to his expertise as a facilitator, he also has the talent to design effective learning journeys, and to remain flexible during the implementation. What is needed or requires attention comes first. And that has an impact on the colleagues, the team and our organisation.

Verena Platzer - Traineroo
Verena Platzer
Performance Solutions
General Manager Germany

Niño is an amazing Leadership trainer and coach. He always managed to inspire not only his participants in training, but also me at great levels! I’ve very much enjoyed working with him, he always brings out the best in people! He is smart and empathetic. Facilitating Leadership Journeys is one of his strong suits but he is also very strong in creating learning content on a very high level. I would always recommend him as a trainer, coach, facilitator, speaker and learning designer without any hesitation!

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