Rozemarijn van der Post - Traineroo Learning Development

Customer Experience
Blended Learning
Culture + change management
Employee engagement/HR journey
Costumer journey mapping
Learning design
Corporate communication


Rozemarijn has an informal hospitality background; having grown up in the hospitality industry from a very young age (well, birth), she has a sincere passion and deep understanding of the sector. An early foundation in the industry, paired with her education and international experiences has given her unique and valuable insight in to the world of guest/customer experience and learning and development.

Rozemarijn has 11 years’ experience working in the learning and development industry. She pairs her in-depth knowledge of guest experience with HR and learning and development. Her international perspective combined with her passion for developing others, has driven her ability to create innovative, growth-oriented, and sustainable learning solutions for her clients and target learners at any level within an organization/team/company.

Starting with microfinance trainings in Jordan to now working with teams and clients from all over the world, based in the Netherlands, she has a genuine interest in people, different cultures, learning and a personal purpose of helping people grow and reach their potential.


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