In today’s rapidly changing workplace, it’s essential for teams to embrace continuous learning to stay competitive and achieve long-term success. Learning longevity – the ability to learn, unlearn, and relearn – is critical for individuals and teams to adapt to new technologies, processes, and customer demands. Measuring the Return on Investment (ROI) in learning and development initiatives is tough to do. The impact of the learning programs can only be truly measured over a period of time. 

How do you increase ROI from the (personal) development of employees and teams? How do you make the effect of your Learning & Development strategy measurable? Download the white paper “Moving from ROI towards Learning Longevity” for free, written by Rozemarijn van der Post, Learning & Development Manager at Traineroo.com. You will also receive 5 tools to facilitate the transition!


Download the white paper “Moving From ROI Towards Learning Longevity” now and receive a free Traineroo Toolbox every week for five weeks. Packed with useful tips, training scripts and ‘ready to go’ tools!

Traineroo Training Toolbox 1 - Training Survey
Traineroo Training Toolbox 2 - Interactive Shift Briefing
Traineroo Training Toolbox 3 - Training Needs Intake Form
Traineroo Training Toolbox 4 - Employee Engagement Debrief Script
Traineroo Training Toolbox 5 - Learner Satisfaction Survey
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