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The name says it all, our Traineroo coach literally guides you during real-life work situations. Observing, reflecting and asking questions. The benefit is that there are always plenty of practical situations. Situations about which no discussion is possible. After all, it just happened. By using real-life situations as an example to discuss underlying behaviour, coaching becomes much more effective. Now you might think: “Great, come and provide my co-workers with some feedback!”. Well, we don’t. We NEVER step into the shoes of a manager or leader. With on-the-job coaching, we help you as a manager to coach your team. By doing so, we make sure that reflection and feedback becomes part of day-to-day business. And won’t be depending on us being present.

On-the-job Coaching build-up

We will discuss the exact details of the on-the-job coaching activities during an intake interview. This includes your challenges, the desired result and the steps of the on-the-job coaching. In fact, this intake is the first step in our coaching process. To give you some more insight into On-the-job Coaching, you will find a ‘high-level’ working flow below.

  • Intake conversation (determine learning goals and program)
  • Kick-off conversation (30-60 minutes)
  • Observation session 1 during working hours, interacting with co-workers and customers
  • Reflection (30 minuten)
  • Observation session 2 during working hours, interacting with co-workers and customers
  • On-the job reflection
  • Evaluation conversation (30-60 minutes)
  • Written feedback
Curious about our most popular training courses related to customer experience & service, leadership development and personal effectiveness? We have listed them for you below. Based on the number of participants over the past year and their reviews of the training based on relevance and practical applicability. Are you looking for training and in need for some inspiration? Feel free to contact us, we’re looking forward to design the most optimal learning journey meeting your objectives!
Coaching on-the-job is one of the most effective follow-up modules to training courses. We will guide you during working situations in applying what you have learned during a training. But On-the-job Coaching can also be used independently to support people in the organisation reaching their personal learning objectives. We ensure the perfect match between coach and coachee. Would you like to learn more about our coaching solutions? Click on the contact button below and send us a message. We will reach out to you within 8 hours!
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