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We all have the same amount of time, 24 hours in a day. It is up to you to use this time effectively. Time Management is related to everything you do. If you use your time consciously, you will notice that you can work more efficiently. Recognize the feeling that time flies by and you cannot get a grip on it? Spending time on making other people happy instead of getting your own work done? Sign up now for the 1-day training Time Management. We’ll guide you in making use of time in a smarter and more effective way. How to set the right priorities. How to organize yourself. But most important: we help you to tackle challenges in your behavior. Let’s be honest. You can also find some great Time Management models and tips online. Just like us, you know that the necessary change is a behavioral change. Learn how to stand up for yourself. Be bold, be able and willing to say ‘no’ in a constructive way. Pull the brake before it all gets too much. Are you ready to take up this challenge with yourself? Then we are happy to help!


The Time Management training is relevant for … everyone! But especially for employees who are experiencing challenges in setting (the right) priorities. Who find it difficult to say ‘no’ and discussing consequences of shifting priorities with their leader.

Any questions about the Time Management training or other Personal Effectiveness training courses? Need some advice on the best suitable solution to match your learning goals? Please contact us, we’re happy to assist! In the meantime, have a look at the learning objectives and training topics!

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Prior to the Time Management training you will receive a digital intake survey, asking you to think about what you want to get out of the training. What are your challenges? When do those challenges occur? With this information, we ensure the training to match perfectly with your learning goals. When we conduct this training as an in-company program, an intake meeting with the client is also part of the learning journey. Together we will look at the context of personal development within your organization from a broader perspective. Below you will find a brief overview of learning objectives for this training.

  • you will have (more) insight into your own way of working;
  • you will be able to distinguish main issues and side issues;
  • you are able to set priorities based on your own and common responsibilities;
  • you have found a structure that works for you;
  • you wil be able to say ‘no’ in a professional and constructive way;
  • you will confidently enter into a conversation with colleagues and managers about priorities and consequences;
  • you will have more focus, which enables you to do more in less time!

The Time Management training will contribute to the development of your skills and behaviour. For optimal effect, this training can be supplemented with 1-on-1 coaching. We will coach you ‘on-the-job’. Super effective and educational!

Is this training the perfect match with your learning goals? Request a proposal for an in-company Time Management training. Do you have (partly) different learning objectives? We are happy to advise you on a tailor-made training program. Fully focused on your team, organisation and learning goals!


The Time Management training is aimed at helping you to work more efficiently. Do more in less time. With a clear mind, being able to think and reflect. The training is interactive and based on ‘experience based learning’. In short: learning by experiencing! Please note that to participate in this training, the e-learning module is mandatory. This online training is included in this training. Below you will find an overview of the main topics of the training.

  • Time is perception;
  • Challenges in time management
  • Reflection on own behavior;
  • My Top 10 Distractions;
  • Dealing with (work) pressure;
  • Energy-mapping;
  • Eisenhower’s Priority Matrix
  • The ‘no’ conversation
  • Priorities questioned
  • Personal action plan;
Meer dan alleen een training

At Traineroo, a training is always part of a ‘learning journey‘. All open training courses include ‘Impact Level 1’ by default. Scroll down to read more about the contents of this learning journey. If you opt for an in-company training Time Management, the learning journey can be optimized with additional modules like on-the-job coaching.


From € 151,00 per participant* (excluding location costs)

Do you have more than 4 co-workers to participate in this 1-day Time Management training? Then it’s best to book this training as an ‘in-company’ program. The in-company approach also offers additional options for tailoring specifically to the situation in your organization. A maximum of 15 participants can join this training. If you want more employees to participate, we can split up the group or have an additional trainer present. With an in-company training you can determine the ‘learning journey’ yourself. We offer 4 Impact Levels which, based on your needs, can be further expanded with for example 1-on-1 coaching.

* This fee is based on a 1-day training program, the participation of 15 employees, including the learning journey ‘Impact Level 1’. Do you want to get (even) more results from the training? Expand your learning journey!


From € 204,00 per participant* (excluding location costs)

Do you want to have optimal alignment of the Time Management training course with your learning goals? Let’s design a tailor-made learning journey for your team! We’ll always using existing content when available to save costs. Depending on the current situation in your team and the desired situation, we will determine the learning objectives together. And based on that the most optimal approach. In addition to training and workshops, we also offer over 20 learning activities. From e-learning to virtual training. From 1-on-1 coaching to the development and implementation of your own corporate academy. Please contact us for (free of charge) consultancy!

* This rate is based on a 1-day training program, the participation of 15 employees, including learning journey ‘Impact Level 1’, limited adjustments to the content of the training and additional preparation time of our trainer.


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Training Time Management - Traineroo

From €151 per participant*

1 day + e-learning

Level: Basics

Ordinary people think merely of spending time. Great people think of using it…


Learning is a continuous process. Participating in a 1-day Time Management training will be inspiring. You will gain knowledge and insights, learn how to set priorities, practice and exchange experiences with other participants. And then … you will have to apply what you have learned in practice. And that’s not easy! Next to useful tips and insights to organise your work in a more efficient way, the most important change is a behavioral change. And you’ll need more to make that happen! That’s why we work with ‘learning journeys‘. In addition to a number of fixed learning journeys (Impact Level 1 – 4), we offer over 20 additional learning modules for our Time Management training. By default, this training comes with Impact Level 1. What that means? Have a look at your learning journey below.

After registration you will receive a personalised invitation for the Time Management training course. In addition to practical information such as training dates, times and location, we also pay attention to creating context. What does this training entail? What can you expect and above all: how can you prepare yourself to get the most optimal result?

The Time Management training is connected to learning objectives. But what do you want to get out of this training course? How are you performing at this moment, and what expectations do you have? When will this training be successful for you? The trainer will use your input to prepare for the training. By doing so, the training will be (even) better suited to your development needs.

Before the kick-off of the training Time Management, you will receive an invitation to join our learning platform. An e-learning module is waiting for you. By completing this e-learning module you are (even) better prepared for the Time Management training. And all participants will have the same starting point. In the online learning platform you will also get to know the other participants.

The time has finally come: the 1-day training in Time Management takes place. We believe that people learn by experiencing. Interaction, connection and reflection are the essence of our training courses. And fun. Because developing yourself should be fun too. Our trainers are experts in “managing” energy levels and group dynamics. Our Personal Effectiveness courses are exclusively facilitated by our Master Trainers. Trainers with extensive (international) working experience. That is why we guarantee that every participant, including you, will rate the training with at least an 8 (on a 1-10 scale)!

Reflection is part of our DNA. And hopefully also in yours. That is why we will evaluate this training together with you. How did you experience the Time Management training? What have been the most important learning moments? How do you look back on your own development during the training? Training should have an effect. We guarantee an average rating of at least an 8 (on a scale of 1-10). Do you rate your experience below an 8? Then we will solve that together. No additional costs apply. Simply because we don’t settle for less!

Completed all parts of the Time Management learning journey? Then you will receive your Traineroo Certificate of Participation. This certificate is added to your learning profile via the online learning environment and can also be downloaded there. Just like all the handouts from this training.

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Not exactly what you are looking for? Have a look at the other training courses in “Personal Effectiveness“. Or contact us to design the optimal learning journey matching your learning goals. We are happy to assist!

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