Do you want to enthuse, motivate and guide your team members to get the best out of themselves? Do you want to facilitate team meetings instead of leading them? And transform those boring ‘we have to’ briefings into high energy, exciting and challenging kick-off sessions? Then join the training Train-the-Trainer for operational managers! We will not teach you how to facilitate a full day of training. If that’s what you’re looking for, check out Train-the-Trainer Level 2. What we DO teach you is how to achieve optimal results based on the talents within your team. You will grow in your communication skills. Coach more, manage less. Your team will feel more connected and engaged. And will perform better! You’ll learn to facilitate on-the-job mini-training sessions (5-60 minutes). From onboarding new co-workers, skills training to having 5 minute coaching conversations. You’ll be a(n even) better leader!


The training course Train-the-Trainer Level 1 (Operational) has been developed for operational managers and ‘high-potentials’ who want to boost their development and performance. With this operationally focussed Train-the-Trainer module, you will improve your training skills. Skills which are very similar to leadership skills. And which you can also use in other situations. You will learn how to provide an interactive team briefing, how to inspire your team to be a better version of themselves every day. And … how to structurally improve in customer experience and customer satisfaction!

Traineroo is specialized in guiding (in-company) trainers and developing hands-on, experience based training modules. We also facilitate development and implementation of corporate academies. Based on our expertise, we offer three Train-the-Trainer programs, each from a different perspective, for a different target audience and with (partly) different content.

Do you have a question about our Train-the-Trainer programs? Or do you want to discuss which program best suits your learning goals? Please contact us, we are happy to assist! Have a look at the learning objectives and training content in the meantime!

Corendon Hotels - Training

Prior to this Train-the-Trainer training you will receive a digital intake survey, asking you to think about what you want to get out of the training Train-the-Trainer (Operational). What training experience do you already have? What are you doing very well in your role as a manager, and which skills and/or behaviors do you want to develop? On a scale of 1-10, how comfortable are you guiding and managing your team during briefings and meetings? With this information, we ensure the training to match perfectly with your learning goals. If we conduct this training as an in-company program, an intake meeting with the client is also part of the learning journey. Together we will look at the context of personal development within the organization from a broader perspective. Below you will find a brief overview of learning objectives for this training..

  • you will transform every meeting or briefing into an exciting learning experience;
  • you will know how to motivate your team;
  • you will work in a more structured way on personal development within your team;
  • you will be able to facilitate mini-training sessions with confidence yourself;
  • you will translate company strategy and objectives into learning goals and learning activities;
  • you will be an expert in giving (and receiving!) feedback;
  • you will have tools to coach your team on-the-job.

Train-the-Trainer contributes to development in skills and behaviour. You’ll learn how to conduct training modules, interact and improvise. For an optimal effect, this training can be supplemented with 1-on-1 coaching. We will coach you ‘on-the-job’ while facilitating your training module(s). Super effective and educational!

Is this training a match with your learning goals? Request a proposal for an in-company Train-the-Trainer(Operational) training (from 6 to a maximum of 15 participants). Do you have (partly) different learning objectives? We are happy to advise you on a tailor-made training. Fully focused on your team, organization and learning goals!

Content of the training

Train-the-Trainer Level 1 (Operational) is a program aimed at the development of training skills, specifically for ‘on-the-job’ training & coaching. The training is interactive and based on ‘experience based learning’. Learning by experiencing! Please note that to participate in this training, following an e-learning module is mandatory. This online training is included in this training. Below you’ll find an overview of the main topics of the training.

  • Context: The manager as a trainer
  • The Personal Development Plan (combined with the will/skill matrix)
  • From managing to facilitating
  • Team reflection
  • Question techniques & Listening skills
  • Dealing with resistance
  • Connection & trust
  • Team dynamics
  • Training 101 (tips & tricks)
  • Training methods for on-the-job training
  • Team Development Plan

At Traineroo, a training is part of a ‘learning journey‘. All open training courses include ‘Impact Level 1’ by default. You can find here what will be included in your learning journey. If you opt for an in-company training Train-the-Trainer Level 1 (Operational), the learning journey can be optimized with additional modules. How about 1-on-1 coaching from one of our Master Trainers, a DISC training to gain more insight into behavior or tailor-made support in the development of new training modules.


From € 1995 per participant* (incl.. location costs)

Do you want more than 4 employees to participate in the training Train-the-Trainer Level 1 (Operational)? Then it’s best to facilitate this training as an ‘in-company’ program. The in-company approach also offers additional options for tailoring specifically to the situation in your organization. We can also use existing training courses from your organization as training material. A maximum of 15 people can participate in this training. If you want more employees to participate, we can split up the group or have an additional trainer present. With an in-company training you can determine the ‘learning journey’ yourself. We offer 4 Impact Levels which, based on your needs, can be further expanded with 1-on-1 coaching, help with creating department action plans and strategy sessions.

* This fee is based on the participation of 15 employees, including the learning journey ‘Impact Level 1’. Do you want to get (even) more results from the training? Expand your learning journey.


From € 450,00 per participant* (excl. location costs)

Do you want to have optimal alignment of this training with your learning goals and company strategy? Do you want to have in-company trainers facilitating training modules in your organization? We would be happy to develop a tailor-made training for you. By using existing content to save costs of course. Depending on the current situation and the desired situation, we will determine the learning objectives together. And based on that the most optimal approach. In addition to training and workshops, we also offer more than 20 learning activities. From e-learning to virtual training. From 1-on-1 coaching during training, tailor-made training modules or even the development and implementation of your own corporate academy! Please contact with us for free of charge consultancy!

* This rate is based on the participation of 15 employees, including learning journey ‘Impact Level 1’, limited adjustments to the content of the training and additional preparation time of our trainer.


Any questions about the training Train-the-Trainer 1 (Operational)? We are happy to assist! Please leave a message using the contact form below, we’ll get back to you within 4 hours (7 days a week between 07:00 – 22:00). You can also reach us by phone during office hours at +31 (0)35 – 23 40 660. We’re looking forward to connect and unlock the potential in your team!

  • Don't worry, we hate spam too! We'll only use your contact details to respond on your request.
  • On which phone number can we reach you?
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Train-the-Trainer for Operations - Traineroo.com

From €1995 per participant*

2 days + assignments

Level: Advanced

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn…


Learning objectives, training topics. Good to know. But how did other participants experience the Train-the-Trainer program? Have a look at reviews from our participants related to overall experience, relevance and professionalism of our Traineroo trainers!

Kevin Kamble - Emaar Hospitality The Address Skyview Dubai
Kevin Kamble
Emaar Hospitality Dubai
Assistant Chief Concierge

The leadership program learned me to be a more empowering and recognizing leader towards my team. The virtual classroom sessions were a valuable addition to the training program. I loved the Leadership Karaoke! I have gained insights to optimize and nurture the talents within my team and worked on my coaching skills. I highly recommend this leadership training!

Nicole Bon - Corendon Hotels - Group HR Director
Nicole Bon
Corendon Hotels & Resorts
Group HR Director

Passionate, dedicated, challenging and good understanding of our business made Jeroen a great match to design and execute our blueprint. With his focus to deliver but with a good eye for the sensitivities in the organisation, Jeroen and his team managed to run a very successful Casting Event in Curacao! Behind the scenes we worked with Jeroen to further shape our blueprint, sharpen our mission/vision, worked on leadership and the desired guest experience. With his pragmatic and challenging approach we managed to have a blueprint in a very short time frame which helped us to recruit the right people, designed the desired guest journey and at the same time to measure it, but above all, Jeroen reflected in such a way that it was maybe the greatest gift he gave us, it was exactly what we needed as a company to take the next steps and further grow towards the future.

Mark Kirby - Emaar Hospitality - Address Hotels Downtown Dubai
Mark Kirby
The Address Hotels Dubai
Area General Manager

I first met Jeroen whilst working on a new project for The Address Hotels Cluster. As a consultant trainer and expert in structural change into a new NXT Level innovative culture, Jeroen was heading up the leadership training. He is extremely professional in training and has an ability to connect emotionally with his delegates. His humbleness and ability to be so open about his own experiences and stretches, enabled an immediate buy in with the leaders. He trains with clear examples and solid experiences from the field which is up to date and relevant. He is not afraid to highlight any challenges ensuring that everyone is at the same pace. Over the COVID-19 lock-down he continued an online 8-week training program, keeping our hotels to remain connected, keeping alive the work and mindset shift pre COVID. I would have no challenge in recommending him to other companies and organisations and would love to continue to work with him in the future – a true gentleman.

Jan Doove - Directeur Doove Care Groep
Jan Doove
Doove Care Groep
CEO / Owner

At Doove Care Group we have the ambition to grow in leadership with our management team. As a manager in a growing organisation, you will be in charge of increasingly large teams and you will have to develop skills to deal with that. The board and management of Doove Care Group have been working with Erik van Straaten and Nino Jacobs for several years now. And for good reasons. Erik and Nino immersed themselves in our organisation, but also in our people. They quickly get to know your team and understand the challenges that needs to be worked on. Several times a year, Erik and Nino coach our team through the pitfalls of growing organisations. How do you get your team on board in changes? How do you deal with resistance? But also soft skills of leadership are extensively discussed and there is a lot of attention for mutual relationships in the team. The positive effect of development in leadership and team dynamics we are experiencing is extremely important. Erik and Nino facilitate, direct and organise based on their vision of leadership development. Always in consultation with the management, making it a truly tailor-made solution for our company.

Mariel Steijns - Woonmensen
Mariel Steijns
de Woonmensen
Manager Wonen

I have been working with Evert Kupers for many years. Evert has organised 4 meetings for the entire staff (230 people) of our company. The approach of these meetings was to translate the strategic course of the company towards operations. In other words: to translate the organisation-wide ambitions through team development into personal ownership. These meetings were all very successful because of Evert’s characteristic skills. Evert shows that he listens well and can translate directly into effective training workshops. All workshops had a strong focus on results, employees could immediately apply the content of the workshops the next day.

Lydia Kers - Traineroo
Lydia Kers
Fletcher Hotels
Front Office Manager

Jeroen Bosman is an inspiring personality! Spontaneous, full of energy and present in a very positive way. He speaks a huge number of languages, is knowledgeable and ambitious with an eye for detail. Even in difficult situations, he maintains calm with a nice sense of humor. Jeroen is able to have a positive effect on the team and organisation with his methods and attitude!

Jeroen de Laat - Corporate Recruiter - Traffic Service Nederland
Jeroen de Laat
Corporate Recruiter

Back to the context! How you look at something determines your behaviour, and thus the result! I have learned to apply the dosing of energy in giving training and presentations. During the Train-the-Trainer sessions I gained more insight into how I communicate and the effect on others. Eye-opener was the secondary importance of the training subject. With the right skills, you can facilitate training courses & workshops on any subject!

Ralf Reuken - Algemeen Directeur Traffic Service Nederland
Ralf Reuken
Traffic Service Nederland
CEO / Managing Director

Together with Jeroen we mapped the Culture DNA of Traffic Service The Netherlands. Thanks to Jeroen’s connecting behaviour, we managed to define our identity within a short period of time. With commitment of all team members! Jeroen has been inspiring, confronting, but above all indispensable to us. #veryhappywiththeresult

Joost Serrarens - The Student Hotel - Kirsten Lang Traineroo Training Coaching Consultancy
Joost Serrarens
The Student Hotel

Since 2014, Kirsten has been involved in a wide range of strategic projects (IT, HR, Operational, Quality, etc.) during the start-up and upscaling phase of The Student Hotels. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her on most of them. Successful project management is a combination of hard and soft skills. Delivery of the project, on schedule, on budget and the ability to deliver a positive experience to the team around you. Kirsten is a master at managing that combination and always delivers! Very passionate, motivated and focused.

Felix Hillen - The Student Hotel - Kirsten Lang Traineroo Training Coaching Consultancy
Felix Hillen
The Student Hotel
Managing Director

What a pleasure it is to work with Kirsten! Whether it is the implementation of new information systems across the company, setting up a training program or organising hotel opening teams, Kirsten gets things done. She managed complex projects in our highly dynamic setting, guarding milestones, budgets and quality. And all in a relaxed and fun way, creating buy-in from all involved. Can’t wait for a next project!!

Florinda Eletto - The Student Hotel - Kirsten Lang Traineroo Training Coaching Consultancy
Florinda Eletto
The Student Hotel
Regional Sales Director Europe

Kirsten is an energetic and inspiring person who has extensive knowledge in commercial strategy, project management and training & coaching. She can set up and manage big projects from A-Z with different stakeholders managing all levels within a company. From MT to team leaders and people on executing level. She works independent but can be a team player as well. She gets everybody on board to reach highest results possible and she does this in a constructive and motivating way. Her portfolio of successful finalized projects are numerous. She can make a difference within your organisation.

Verena Platzer - Traineroo
Verena Platzer
Performance Solutions
General Manager Germany

Niño is an amazing Leadership trainer and coach. He always managed to inspire not only his participants in training, but also me at great levels! I’ve very much enjoyed working with him, he always brings out the best in people! He is smart and empathetic. Facilitating Leadership Journeys is one of his strong suits but he is also very strong in creating learning content on a very high level. I would always recommend him as a trainer, coach, facilitator, speaker and learning designer without any hesitation!

Yentl Syoen - Umamido - Train-the-Trainer at Traineroo.com
Yentl Syoen
Umamido Ghent
Lead Manager

Learned a lot during the 2-day Train-the-Trainer training we had. Traineroo.com nows how to get the best out of people and helps you how to train a group of people, keep their interest (and how to make them quiet 😁). Had to step out of my comfortzone for, this but I’m proud that I did! Useful skills I can use everyday at my job. Looking forward for the next ones. Thank you Jeroen!

Yamina Ihadrine - Umamido - Train-the-Trainer at Traineroo.com
Yamina Ihadrine
Umamido Brussels

Jeroen van der Schenk from Traineroo.com guided me through my very first training session. He gave me tips and tricks that helped a lot. Because of his coaching, my first training session in front of a group of more than 15 participants was a great succes. I would highly recommend Traineroo.com to everyone who is looking for a Train-the-Trainer program that will boost positivity, triggers into action, an energizes!

Guy Quirynen - Umamido Ramen Shop - Traineroo Culture Development
Guy Quirynen
CEO / Founder

Bringing Jeroen van der Schenk from Traineroo.com to our company was like giving it a little electro shock. With their experience, keen understanding of our company culture and sheer enthusiasm, they guided us through identifying and solidifying our Umamido DNA. And start the process of incorporating it in the entire organisation. Aside the great impact this had for Umamido, I am most grateful for the amazing learning experiences Jeroen provided to some of Umamido’s key people in training. We look forward to the rest of process!

Edward van Ravenswaaij
Country Manager Commercial Benelux

If you want to be inspired and amazed, then Traineroo is the right partner. They empathise very well with the company and team and give direction to the organization!

Mark Visman - Habasit Benelux
Mark Visman
Country Manager Benelux

Jerry van Vorstenbos - Retail Manager at Levi's / Gebrs. Coster
Jerry van Vorstenbos
Retail Manager

Leonardo Manco - Partnership Manager at The Social Hub
Leonardo Manco
The Social Hub
Partnership Manager

I had the pleasure to be trained by Jeroen during a 3-day session organized by The Social Hub to make me a trainer for newly hired colleagues. His leadership, charisma and empathy made the activities extremely useful, appealing and enjoyable. His direct and transparent approach, mixed with an enviable body and mimics control, kept everyone’s attention and involvement high for all 24 hours. He’s a real game changer!

Brandy Lena Verweij
Brandy Lena Verweij
The Social Hub
Community Host

Over a 3-day Train the Trainer program, I had the pleasure of being trained by Jeroen van der Schenk! This was one of the best training experiences I have had in a long time. I was fully engaged throughout the process through the captivating works of Jeroen and his team! His leadership, attentiveness, charisma and humour made all the activities interesting, digestible and enjoyable, and I now have the necessary skills to be a Trainer. Thank you for inspiring me, Jeroen!

Maria Munoz - Learning & Development Manager at The Social Hub
María Muñoz
The Social Hub
Learning & Development Manager

Annemarie Sanderink, The Social Hub
Annemarie Sanderink
The Social Hub
Community & Events Manager

Jeroen van der Schenk is a trainer with a lot of passion and experience. He transfers his knowledge in an extremely careful manner with a great eye for detail. Jeroen is also a real inspiration when it comes to skills that can really make a difference in training. I learned a lot in three days, didn’t feel lost for a moment and enjoyed his way of entertaining a group. With so much passion!! Jeroen, thanks!

Tabea Zappe - HRS
Tabea Zappe
HRS Group
Senior Manager Learning, Development & Culture


The essence of Train-the-Trainer: Learning is a continuous process. Participating in this 2-day training Train-the-Trainer(Operational) will be inspiring, confronting and educational. You will learn new skills, gain knowledge and exchange experiences with other participants. In addition, feedback and reflection are an important part of this training. And then … the intention is that you apply what you have learned in practice. Not easy. In most training courses, the real necessary change is a change in behavior. That’s why at Traineroo, all training courses are part of a ‘learning journey‘. In addition to a number of fixed learning journeys (Impact Level 1 – 4), we offer over 20 additional modules for the Train-the-Trainer (Operational) training. This program is by default connected with the Impact Level 1 learning journey. What that means? Scroll down for all the details.

After registration you will receive a personalized invitation for the training Train-the-Trainer Level 1 (Operational). In addition to some practical information such as training dates, times and location, we also pay attention to creating context. What does this Train-the-Trainer module entail? What can you expect and above all: how can you prepare yourself to get the most optimal result?

The training Train-the-Trainer Level 1 (Operational) has learning objectives. But what do you actually want to get out of the training? How are you performing at this moment, and what expectations do you have? When will this training be successful for you? The trainer will use your input to prepare for the training. By doing so, the training will be (even) better suited to your development needs!

Before the start of the training, you will receive an invitation to our learning platform Traineroo.app. An e-learning module is waiting for you. By completing this e-learning module you are (even) better prepared for the training. And all participants will have the same starting point. In the online learning platform you will also get to know the other participants.

The time has finally come: the 2-day training Train-the-Trainer Level 1 (Operational) takes place. We believe that people learn by experiencing. Interaction, connection and reflection are the essence of our training courses. And fun. Because developing yourself should be fun too. Our trainers are experts in “managing” energy levels and group dynamics. And you will learn how to do that as well. Our Train-the-Trainer courses are exclusively facilitated by our Master Trainers. Trainers with extensive (international) work experience as trainer/facilitator. That is why we guarantee that every participant, including you, will rate the training afterwards with at least an 8 (on a 1-10 scale)!

Reflection is in our DNA . And hopefully also in yours, because reflection is inextricably linked to your role as a trainer. That is why we evaluate the training Train-the-Trainer Level 1 (Operational) together with you. How did you experience the training? What have been the most important learning moments? How do you look back on your own development during the training? Training should have an effect. We guarantee an average rating of at least an 8 (on a scale of 1-10). Do you rate your experience below an 8? Then we will solve that together. No additional costs apply. Simply because we don’t settle for less!

Completed all parts of the learning journey Train-the-Trainer Level 1 (Operational)? Then you will receive your Traineroo Certificate of Participation. This certificate is added to your learning profile via the online learning environment and can also be downloaded there. Just like all the handouts from this training.



And with that the impact of this training. Learn more about our unique Traineroo Learning Journeys!

Not exactly what you are looking for? Have a look at the other training courses in the “Train-the-Trainer” category. Or contact us to design the ideal training and learning journey, meeting your learning goals. We are happy to assist!

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