We live in a fast changing world. In many sectors, a crisis situation arises from ignoring market signals, a lack of innovative power and… sticking to old structures. Hotel owners are complaining about the power of booking platforms such as Booking.com and Tripadvisor. A few years later, the same is happening in the restaurant sector with companies such as Just Eat. And while taxi companies and Uber (drivers) are fighting for the customer, electric scooter concepts such as Lime are silently taking over the short-distance market in large cities. Coolblue enters the solar panel market. Sixt is targeting on the shortlease- and private lease markets. Need more examples?

Innovation is a continuous process. How do you ensure that you recognize developments and trends within and outside your market in time? And translate them into your field of business? Are you responsible for determining strategy and/or implementing innovative products and solutions in your organization? The Masterclass Trend Forecasting will provide you with new insights and valuable tools! During the Trend Forecasting training you will work on strategic future-, innovation- and trend prediction. For this, we use a proven methodology for detecting and tracking trends. A distinction is made between trends with implications in the long, medium and short term. We’ll challenge you to determine the latest trends that affect your field of business.

The training / masterclass Trend Forecasting is offered in two parts (and can be booked as an open training or in-company training):

  1. Introduction into Trend Forecasting – 2-day program including an e-learning module, a Trend Forecasting field trip en final assignment.
  2. Trend Forecasting Next Level – Follow-up program with 10 e-learning modules, 2 virtual classroom sessions in between, real-life scenarios and a ‘final’ training day.

Curious? Read more information about the target audience for this masterclass, the learning objectives and the rates below. Do you have a question or comment? Please feel free to contact us. Happy to assist!

Target audience

Do you want to be able to look at trends with a(n even) more holistic view? Do you want to make strategic decisions based on a clear view on future developments? Then this masterclass Trend Forecasting might be useful for you. Trend Forecasting also offers valuable insights and working methods for designers, innovators, (UX) designers, creatives and management team members. We recommend to start with the ‘Introduction into Trend Forecasting’ masterclass. And as a follow-up opt in for in-depth knowledge with the training ‘Trend Forecasting Next Level ‘. An overview of the modules per training is available under the tab ‘modules’.

Do you have a question about Trend Forecasting or one of our other Strategy & Development training courses? Please contact us, we’d be happy to discuss the optimal learning journey matching your development needs.

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The Trend Forecasting training consists of 15 modules. The first 5 modules are brought together in the 2-day training ‘Introduction to Trend Forecasting‘. The remaining 10 modules are offered through a combination of 3 e-learning modules, 2 virtual classroom sessions, practical assignments and a 1-day final training session. After completing the full program you will receive a certificate of participation.

AFTER THE MASTERCLASS ‘Introduction into Trend Forecasting’:
  • you are familiar with the latest techniques, strategies and methodologies used by global forecasting agencies and consultancy companies.
  • you are aware of the importance to search for, identify and develop major trends of tomorrow.
  • you are able to explore trends, create accurate trend forecasts, develop your own trend scenarios and sharpen your strategic point of view.
  • you are able to perform forecasting research and scan, define and analyze macro/micro/meso trends.
  • you will have concrete tools to observe and analyse the lifestyle of your customers (target audience).
  • you can create a trend map, trend pyramid and trend canvas and will be able to work with these components of the Trend Forecasting Toolkit.
  • you will recognize future trends signals (fads, weak signals, hidden messages, black swans, pieces and tags).

The Masterclass Trend Forecasting offers inspiration, insights and concrete tools to apply directly when determining the strategy of your organisation or department. For optimal effect, this training can be supplemented with 1-on-1 coaching, in-depth leadership training or consultancy.

Do these learning objectives perfectly match what you are looking for? Request a proposal for an in-company Trend Forecasting Masterclass. Do you have (partly) different learning objectives? We are happy to advise you on a tailor-made solution. Optimally designed for your team, organization and learning goals!


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From € 408 per participant* (excl. location costs)

The ‘Introduction into Trend Forecasting’  training consists of a 2-day training (including field trip) and an e-learning module.

* Fee based on 15 participants. 


From € 370 per participant* (excl. location costs)

Do you want to get (even) more results from the Trend Forecasting program? Extend your learning journey with the ‘Trend Forecasting Next Level’ module. The Trend Forecasting Next Level program contains of 3 e-learning modules, practical assignments, 2 online training sessions and 1-day final session. The investment for this additional module is € 370 per participant.

* Fee bases on 15 participants. 

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Training Trend Forecasting - Traineroo by Jeroen JT Bosman
Jeroen Bosman - Trainer Hospitality Business Model Innovation - Traineroo Talent Development
Jeroen Bosman
Senior Trainer Consultant

2 days + e-learning

Level: Leadership

Don’t try to follow trends. Create them!


Learning is a continuous process. Participating in a 2-day Masterclass Trend Forecasting is inspiring. You will boost knowledge and exchange experiences with other participants. And then … the intention is that you apply what you’ve learned in practice. And that might be challenging. In most training courses, the really necessary change is behavioral change. That is why we at Traineroo are working with ‘learning journeys‘. You can enrich your Trend Forecasting learning path with over 20 additional modules! Read more about your learning journey of the Trend Forecasting Masterclass and Trend Forecasting Next Level (marked with a *).

After registration you’ll receive a personalized invitation for the Masterclass Trend Forecasting. In addition to practical information such as dates, times and location, we focus on creating context. What does this masterclass entail? What can you expect and… how can you prepare yourself for this masterclass?

We have set learning objectives for the Masterclass Trend Forecasting . But what do you actually want to get out of this masterclass? What expectations do you have? When has this masterclass been successful for you? The trainer uses your input to prepare for the masterclass. By doing so, the masterclass will be (even) effective and matching to your needs!

To prepare yourself for the Masterclass Trend Forecasting you will receive an invitation for our learning platform. An e-learning module will be available for you. By completing this e-learning module you are (even) better prepared for the masterclass and all participants will have the same starting point. In the online learning platform you will also get to know the other participants.

Finally! The 2-day Masterclass Trend Forecasting takes place. We believe that people learn by experiencing. Interaction, connection and reflection are the foundation of all our training courses. And fun. Because developing yourself should be fun too. Our trainers are experts in “managing” energy levels and group dynamics. And they all have extensive experience in strategy development. Part of the masterclass will be a ‘field assignment’. You’ll actually go out to learn!

To create an (even more) practical approach with the Masterclass Trend Forecasting, we will conclude this masterclass with a real-life assignment. The assignment will help you to apply what you have learned directly into your own business scenario. You will receive feedback on your assignment from our Trend Forecasting trainer/expert.

During the Masterclass Trend Forecasting, the first five modules of the program are discussed. During the training Trend Forecasting Next Level you will experience 10 additional modules! We offer the modules through 3 e-learning sessions. In between you will participate in ‘virtual classroom’ sessions and share experiences with the other participants.

Every e-learning module will be completed with a virtual classroom session. Efficient and super educational! The virtual classroom session lasts approximately 2-2.5 hours and consists of small pieces of theory, interactive assignments and presentations. Moreover, these sessions are great to share your real-life experiences with your trainer and the other participants.

You have now completed the 15 modules of Trend Forecasting! In addition, you have applied your knowledge in the practical assignments. You can now call yourself an expert in the field of Trend Forecasting! During the last training day we bring all parts together. And you will also receive your Trend Forecasting Expert certificate!

Reflection is part of our DNA. That is why we evaluate the Trend Forecasting modules with you. How did you experience the training? What have been the most important learning moments? How do you look back on your personal development during the training? We guarantee an average rating of at least an 8 (on a scale of 1-10). And if not, we will solve that together. Without additional fees. Simply because we don’t settle for less!

Completed all parts of the learning journey Trend Forecasting? Then you will receive your Traineroo Certificate of Participation. This certificate is added to your learning profile via the online learning platform and can also be downloaded. Just like all the handouts from this training.



And by doing so, the impact of this training for you. Read more about our Traineroo Learning Journeys!

Not quite what you are looking for? Have a look at our other courses in the category “Strategy & Development“. Or contact us to discuss the optimal learning journey, matching your learning goals. We are happy to advise!

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