We know from experience that managers often do not recognize the signs of employee burnout in time. With all its consequences. For the employee and the organization. Burnout is occupational disease number 1. With an average national absenteeism percentage of 4%, approximately 25% of the total number of days of absenteeism is related to psychological complaints, stress or burnout. Fortunately, organizations nowadays pay more and more attention to topics like vitality and employee happiness in the workplace. Being able to recognize signs of burnout can prevent a lot of misery.

As leaders, we are not always well aware of our share in work stress among employees. People don’t follow strategy, they follow behavior. Which means that sometimes we (unconsciously) set the wrong example. Many stress complaints arise from miscommunication, wrong expectations and incorrect interpretations. This is the result of not being connected with the “person” behind the employee. There is too little acceptance and understanding. And they might quickly head for an experience of too much work pressure. He or she thus enters a negative spiral, causing the employee to experience too much (and too often) stress. In order to be able to intervene in time, it’s important to recognize signs of stress and burnout!

During this 1-day training ‘Vitality and Leadership’ you’ll learn how to recognize signals of stress and burnout at an early stage, and you will receive tips and tools to intervene. By doing so, you’ll limit the emotional suffering of employees and it prevents long-term absenteeism. Learn more? Please contact us.

For whom is this training valuable?

The training Vitality & Leadership has been developed for leaders in organizations who want to contribute proactively to the prevention of psychological complaints, exhaustion and burnout among employees. Healthy and happy employees make happy customers! By paying attention to this topic, you ensure a better working climate, healthy workload pressure and preventing burn-out complaints.

Do you have a question about Vitality & Leiderschap or Vitality & Happiness in general? Please contact us, we’re looking forward to discuss your needs!

Fons van den Bemd - Vitaliteit Workshop

After this 1-day training Vitality & Leadership:

  • you know what a burnout is;
  • you’ll recognize signs of burnout and stress much faster;
  • you are (even more) aware of your share (leadership) in stressful situations;
  • you have gained insight into the possibilities for dealing with situations of burnout or stress.

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Fons van den Bemd - Vitaliteit Workshop

From € 130,00 per participant* (excl. location costs)

The training ‘Vitality & leadership is available as an in-company program. Based on the situation in your organization we van tailor the training specifically to your needs. A maximum of 15 participants apply to this training. Do you want more participate to join? We can split the group or have additional trainers available to co-host larger groups.

* This rate is based on 15 participants.


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1 day + e-learning

Level: Leadership

Fons van den Bemd - Traineroo Vitaliteitsgroep Trainer Coach Leiderschap
Fons van den Bemd
Trainer / Coach

Learning objectives, topics. Good to know. But how did other participants experienced our training courses and workshops in Vitality & Happiness?

Erik Klaassen - Youke
Eric Klaassen
Manager Kwaliteit, Ontwikkeling en Veiligheid

All seats were taken at his Vitality & Happiness workshop, why has everyone been so busy lately? Through all kinds of working methods we found out that you are partly to blame for this yourself. The coaches asked us very good questions as a result of a dialogue in which we had to listen sincerely and openly to the other and only ask questions. Very personal things were told by the participants in complete safety. Powerful and vulnerable, a very special workshop that certainly deserves to be repeated!

Yvonne Stas - HR Manager SMART Photonics
Yvonne Stas
SMART Photonics
HR Manager

The vitality workshop “Healthy Work Pressure” has given us a better understanding of work stress and the importance of mindset in it. What do you find important and how do you react to situations? When you feel good about yourself as a person, have made good (work) choices and have a positive mindset, you will experience less work stress. In addition, it was very connecting to do this workshop together because we’ve got to know each other better on sensitive topics. This contributed to more understanding for each other!

Burnout happens when you avoid being human for too long…


Not exactly what you’re looking for? Check out our other training courses in the categories Vitality & Happiness and Teambuilding. Or contact us to discuss the ideal learning journey for your team. We are happy to advise!

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