Your privacy matters to us. A lot! That is why we want to be transparent in which personal data we store, how and where we store it and how we process your data. We have described the way we handle personal data in this privacy statement. The basic principle: you ALWAYS are, and will remain, the owner of your personal data. You can always request insight in, adjust or remove your personal data from our platforms. No questions asked. In addition, we will NEVER sell your personal data to third parties. And we won’t give it away for free either. On this page, you’ll read more about our privacy protection processes. Do you have a question or comment? Please let us know!


Of course we are not allowed to store and process personal data without taking measures to guarantee your privacy. From a legal point of view, we must have ‘legal grounds’ to collect, process and store personal data. An unnecessarily difficult term for “having a damn good reason.” Well, of course we do. Unlocking Human Potential! Our business revolves around the personal development of people. But in addition, as soon as there is an agreement, we also need data to fulfill our agreement. Below you will find an overview of situations in which we need personal data in order to comply with our obligations.

  • Contact requests (forms, factsheet requests, our chat functionalities)
  • Registration for open training courses, in-company training courses and customised training courses
  • Registration and use of our e-learning platform
  • Entering into agreements for training courses, workshops, events or other services (proposals, confirmations, intake- and evaluation surveys)
  • Invoicing


Why do we ask for personal information if we don’t really need it? Below we explain what we use your data for. We’ll use your personal information to:

  • reply on your contact request (via contact forms, requests for proposals and/or factsheets);
  • send you an invitation and intake survey when registered for a training or workshop;
  • send you updates and notification about your progress in your learning journey;
  • make use of our e-learning platform;
  • provide you with advice regarding your personal development;
  • reach out to you for customer engagement surveys and reviews;
  • keep you posted about new developments at, inspiring articles and events;
  • inform you about special offers;
  • send invoices.


That depends on our agreement and how you use the services of We will only request and store your personal data if it’s really necessary for delivering our services. We NEVER provide your personal data to third parties without a formal collaboration to provide services of All platforms of are developed in-house. We do use software from a number of reliable partners. For example, parties such as Exact for financial administration, Microsoft and Mailchimp for sending e-mails and BuddyBoss for our e-learning platform. All software will be hosted from our own servers at Hostnet. These partners may only use your personal data to provide you with a service on behalf of is a value network of professionals in learning development. This means that we sometimes use trainers who are not formally employed by When you participate in a training, the trainer will get access to your first name, last name, company name and position. And in some cases your (business) email address. All partners in the Traineroo value network are contractually bound to comply with our privacy statement and general terms and conditions.


As described; our platforms are hosted from a VPS (Virtual Private Server) via Hostnet. This is where our databases are hosted as well. When you register for a training or our e-learning platform, your personal data will be stored on our servers. In addition, we work with a number of external partners for the implementation of our services:

  • Mailchimp: for sending emailings, updates and notifications.
  • Exact: for administrative processing and invoicing.
  • HubSpot: for processing customer contacts (only data from clients and potential customers).
  • Mollie: for the secure processing of payments through our webshop or training registrations.
  • SurveyMonkey: for conducting evaluations &sSurveys after participating in training courses.
  • Microsoft Office: for saving participant lists, training notes & e-mail messages.


We do not keep your personal data just for fun. As soon as we no longer actively use the personal data, it will be deleted. However, we may still use your data anonymously for internal analyses and reports. To make this a bit more specific, we have drawn up a number of guidelines for the retention period of your personal data:

  • We keep administrative data for 8 years. This includes invoice, payment and training registration data. One year longer than we need to based on Dutch tax regulations. Just to be on the safe side;
  • When you register on our e-learning platform, we keep your data as long as you are active on the platform. If you don’t login for a period of time, you will receive a request to update your contact information. If you do not respond within 6 months after the 3rd reminder in two years, your inactive profile will be deleted. By the way, you can always adjust the content and visibility of your profile yourself.;
  • your data will be kept indefinitely in our emailing database. With every email you receive, you can unsubscribe or change your details with one click. When the email bounced (no longer arrives because your email address no longer exists) your data will be automatically deleted within 6 months;
  • all data in our CRM system will be deleted after 3 years if you do not purchase any products or services anymore;
  • completed training surveys are kept for one year. If you have given permission for it, we may publish (parts of) your review/testimonial on our websites. This information will be kept until you notify us that it must be deleted.


You are, and will remain, the owner of your personal data. Always. That’s why you can adjust everything yourself in your Traineroo Account. Including the visibility from personal information to others, your personal data itself and which emails you do (or do not) want to receive. With one click you can delete your profile and all data linked to your profile. The same applies to your data in our emailing database. One click and you can adjust everything. Or simply delete it.

Do you want to know what information we have stored from you? Please contact us. We will provide you with a complete overview. Do you need help managing your personal data stored at Drop us a line, we’ll help you right away!


Any questions or remarks about our privacy statement? Please let us know, we’ll be happy to assist!
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