Are you looking for a teambuilding session? Traineroo helps teams to improve collaboration, connection and effectiveness by make use of individual talents within the team. Creating a working climate in which appreciation and feedback are valued.

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DiSC Team Training
DiSC Team Training

Engage every individual in building more effective relationships at work with this one day live workshop. The DiSC Team training is a personalized learning experience that can benefit every person in the organization— regardless of title or position—in building more effective relationships at work. This training will give insight into the different DiSC profiles within your team and/or organization and teaches participants to understand themselves and others while learning to appreciate different priorities, preferences, and values each individual brings to the workplace.

Hospitality Training
Hospitality Training

One of the most frequently asked questions from our customers: Can you deliver a service training for our team? Yes we can. But we don’t. Because it doesn’t make sense to put your team in a room for a day and talk about service and customer experience. Do you really want to improve the level of service and customer experience? Then let’s talk about behavioural change. Let’s talk about mindset. Let’s talk about leadership. Changing behaviour takes time. That’s why we offer a ‘hospitality journey’.

From Strategy to Department Action Plan
From Strategy to Department Action Plan

A strategy for the upcoming 10 years? We all know now that that no longer works. The world is changing (too) rapidly. Principles of entrepreneurship in the 21st century: react quickly, regularly recalibrate vision and strategy, put responsibility and authorization where they belong (the upside-down organisational pyramid). And actively involve your team in realising the goals, based on a shared context! During the 2-day training From Strategy to Departmental Action Plan (kick-off training + practical assignments + final training) we guide managers and/or teams to translate the strategy of their organisation into a departmental action plan with concrete actions linked to (department) KPIs.

Leadership Journey
Leadership Journey

How do we get the best out of ourselves, each other and the teams we manage? How can we work together more effectively as a team? How do we set up our people for success? How do we stimulate autonomy and trust? How do we get our people on board with the new strategy or a changing course in the organization?


How do you stimulate team collaboration? What does it take for a team to function effectively? How do you make individual talents (even more) visible? We regularly share interesting articles, whitepapers and podcasts about collaboration and team dynamics / group dynamics. Do you want to stay informed about new updates and events? Sign up for our monthly Traineroo Update!

World Compliments Day
Compliments come in all shapes and sizes

Compliments come in all shapes and sizes. Yet, compliments, no matter how big or small, can make anyone feel good. It’s the little things like sincere compliments that can change how people view and relate to you, and just one good compliment can make someone’s entire day better. Today, on compliment day, dish out your best compliments keeping the 7 tips and tricks in mind.

Leadership Culture Development Trust - Traineroo small
A Culture of Trust

We have known all along that to get any semblance of a culture going within an organization, the first and foremost requirement is to create a Culture of Trust. Nothing more can provide a base as strong as trust for any company culture to grow and prosper. Why? Because apart from the thousands of researches which have demonstrated this, human nature is it’s biggest supporter…

Pui Ho - Trainer Tortilla Mexican Grill
Pui Ho
Le Pain Quotidien
Head of Training UK & Ireland

Love the style! As a trainer, it’s always great to watch fellow trainers work. I felt energized and inspired in the two days I spent with their trainer Jeroen van der Schenk and, to prove you can still teach old dogs tricks, I learned a few tips from him!

Mark Kirby - Emaar Hospitality - Address Hotels Downtown Dubai
Mark Kirby
The Address Hotels Dubai
Area General Manager

I first met Jeroen whilst working on a new project for The Address Hotels Cluster. As a consultant trainer and expert in structural change into a new NXT Level innovative culture, Jeroen was heading up the leadership training. He is extremely professional in training and has an ability to connect emotionally with his delegates. His humbleness and ability to be so open about his own experiences and stretches, enabled an immediate buy in with the leaders. He trains with clear examples and solid experiences from the field which is up to date and relevant. He is not afraid to highlight any challenges ensuring that everyone is at the same pace. Over the COVID-19 lock-down he continued an online 8-week training program, keeping our hotels to remain connected, keeping alive the work and mindset shift pre COVID. I would have no challenge in recommending him to other companies and organisations and would love to continue to work with him in the future – a true gentleman.

Jan Doove - Directeur Doove Care Groep
Jan Doove
Doove Care Groep
CEO / Owner

At Doove Care Group we have the ambition to grow in leadership with our management team. As a manager in a growing organisation, you will be in charge of increasingly large teams and you will have to develop skills to deal with that. The board and management of Doove Care Group have been working with Erik van Straaten and Nino Jacobs for several years now. And for good reasons. Erik and Nino immersed themselves in our organisation, but also in our people. They quickly get to know your team and understand the challenges that needs to be worked on. Several times a year, Erik and Nino coach our team through the pitfalls of growing organisations. How do you get your team on board in changes? How do you deal with resistance? But also soft skills of leadership are extensively discussed and there is a lot of attention for mutual relationships in the team. The positive effect of development in leadership and team dynamics we are experiencing is extremely important. Erik and Nino facilitate, direct and organise based on their vision of leadership development. Always in consultation with the management, making it a truly tailor-made solution for our company.

Yvonne Stas - HR Manager SMART Photonics
Yvonne Stas
SMART Photonics
HR Manager

The vitality workshop “Healthy Work Pressure” has given us a better understanding of work stress and the importance of mindset in it. What do you find important and how do you react to situations? When you feel good about yourself as a person, have made good (work) choices and have a positive mindset, you will experience less work stress. In addition, it was very connecting to do this workshop together because we’ve got to know each other better on sensitive topics. This contributed to more understanding for each other!

Lydia Kers - Traineroo
Lydia Kers
Fletcher Hotels
Front Office Manager

Jeroen Bosman is an inspiring personality! Spontaneous, full of energy and present in a very positive way. He speaks a huge number of languages, is knowledgeable and ambitious with an eye for detail. Even in difficult situations, he maintains calm with a nice sense of humor. Jeroen is able to have a positive effect on the team and organisation with his methods and attitude!

Ralf Reuken - Algemeen Directeur Traffic Service Nederland
Ralf Reuken
Traffic Service Nederland
CEO / Managing Director

Together with Jeroen we mapped the Culture DNA of Traffic Service The Netherlands. Thanks to Jeroen’s connecting behaviour, we managed to define our identity within a short period of time. With commitment of all team members! Jeroen has been inspiring, confronting, but above all indispensable to us. #veryhappywiththeresult

Francesco Monaco - Apollo Hotels
Francesco Monaco
Apollo Hotels
Managing Director

We invited Jeroen van der Schenk to lecture at our annual commercial day. The idea was to give our team more insight into the changing ways of (online) communication with our guests. It turned out to be an exceptional, dynamic, and fun session. The professionalism and pleasant approach literally lifted our day: The Sky was certainly The Limit!

Jan Bon - Ford Academy
Jan Bon
Ford Motor Company
Manager Ford Academy

Jeroen van der Schenk has provided various training, coaching and presentation sessions for the Ford Academy. This has laid the foundation for awareness of the digital world in our organisation. They can motivate people like no other in an infectious way, both in groups and individually. A pleasant and reliable partner to work with.

Vas Morriën
SIXT Rent-a-Car
Sr. Executive Manager Performance & Skills

Jeroen has a unique way of capturing and engaging small and bigger groups. Also, I like the way he uses his own experience in relation to the content/topic, this makes people relate and remember in a better way. That same experience also makes sure he has a solution or best practice for everything. Jeroen van der Schenk is a one-in-a-million guy, with a great view on customer/guest experience. His universal character fits many (company) cultures.

Jerome Vandermeulen - Founder of Manhattn's
Jerome Vandermeulen
CEO / Founder

Jeroen puts his passion into every single training or workshop. And fundamentally understand the importance of customer-centricity and caring more about the details. The trainings are simply profound and challenges the hospitality DNA of every participant, because of his longstanding expertise in this field. Keep up the great work!

Joost Serrarens - The Student Hotel - Kirsten Lang Traineroo Training Coaching Consultancy
Joost Serrarens
The Student Hotel

Since 2014, Kirsten has been involved in a wide range of strategic projects (IT, HR, Operational, Quality, etc.) during the start-up and upscaling phase of The Student Hotels. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her on most of them. Successful project management is a combination of hard and soft skills. Delivery of the project, on schedule, on budget and the ability to deliver a positive experience to the team around you. Kirsten is a master at managing that combination and always delivers! Very passionate, motivated and focused.

Mark Struik - Postillion Hotels - Kirsten Lang Traineroo Training Coaching Consultancy
Mark Struik
Postillion Hotels
Commercial Director

Kirsten Lang is very professional and has extensive relevant expertise. Both in terms of content and project management. She gave me the confidence that the project was in good hands with her. Kirsten made sure that everyone fulfilled his / her tasks, regardless of their position inside or outside the organisation. I also greatly appreciated her critical opinion. She often held up a mirror to the organisation (and me) which prevented us from settling for just 80%. At the same time, Kirsten coped well with decisions that may not have been her immediate preference. All in all, it became a very successful project, both in terms of technical implementation and on the process side (and within budget). Big compliment and I can highly recommend Kirsten as a business partner!

Monika Sand - Lindner Hotels Resorts - Kirsten Lang Traineroo Training Coaching Consultancy
Monika Sand
Lindner Hotels & Resorts
Corporate Revenue Manager

At Lindner Hotels Group, we have had the pleasure of working with Kirsten Lang as our trainer for Revenue Management training courses. We have experienced Kirsten as a very professional trainer, who, thanks to her broad experience, helped improve our training sessions during the preparation. Thanks to her knowledge and motivation, Kirsten provides valuable insights. Her passion for Revenue Management is contagious! We would love to work with Kirsten again in the future.

Felix Hillen - The Student Hotel - Kirsten Lang Traineroo Training Coaching Consultancy
Felix Hillen
The Student Hotel
Managing Director

What a pleasure it is to work with Kirsten! Whether it is the implementation of new information systems across the company, setting up a training program or organising hotel opening teams, Kirsten gets things done. She managed complex projects in our highly dynamic setting, guarding milestones, budgets and quality. And all in a relaxed and fun way, creating buy-in from all involved. Can’t wait for a next project!!

Rick Dieteren - Van der Valk Hotels - Kirsten Lang Traineroo Training Coaching Consultancy
Rick Dieteren
Van der Valk Hotels
Revenue Coördinator

Kirsten Lang provided us with a very targeted revenue management training. We gained a lot of knowledge from a real pro! We have been given many goals to get started with revenue management in the coming year and to broaden and improve the revenue strategy within Hotel Heerlen in a very professional way.

Yentl Syoen - Umamido - Train-the-Trainer at
Yentl Syoen
Umamido Ghent
Lead Manager

Learned a lot during the 2-day Train-the-Trainer training we had. nows how to get the best out of people and helps you how to train a group of people, keep their interest (and how to make them quiet 😁). Had to step out of my comfortzone for, this but I’m proud that I did! Useful skills I can use everyday at my job. Looking forward for the next ones. Thank you Jeroen!

Jerry van Vorstenbos - Retail Manager at Levi's / Gebrs. Coster
Jerry van Vorstenbos
Retail Manager

Brandy Lena Verweij
Brandy Lena Verweij
The Social Hub
Community Host

Over a 3-day Train the Trainer program, I had the pleasure of being trained by Jeroen van der Schenk! This was one of the best training experiences I have had in a long time. I was fully engaged throughout the process through the captivating works of Jeroen and his team! His leadership, attentiveness, charisma and humour made all the activities interesting, digestible and enjoyable, and I now have the necessary skills to be a Trainer. Thank you for inspiring me, Jeroen!

Maria Munoz - Learning & Development Manager at The Social Hub
María Muñoz
The Social Hub
Learning & Development Manager

Tabea Zappe - HRS
Tabea Zappe
HRS Group
Senior Manager Learning, Development & Culture

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