Careers at Traineroo is a value network of learning designers and training professionals. It’s our purpose to facilitate people, teams and organizations in unlocking their potential. By bringing more relevancy and continuity in the development of talents and teams.

At Traineroo, a training is never just a training. We facilitate an inspiring online and physical learning environment in which participants connect, reflect and grow. In both skills and behavior. Whether it is an in-company training, open training or tailor-made program: together we determine the most optimal “learning journey” to achieve your (learning) objectives!

At, growing as a company is not our goal. We love to do great stuff with great clients. And having fun while doing so. We believe growth is a result of doing a great job. And that’s why we are looking for… maybe you? Scroll down to have a look at our vacancies. Ready to join us in unlocking (human) potential, including your own?

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Job Vacancy Careers - Trainer / Coach / Facilitator
FULL-TIME (32-40 hrs per week)

We are looking for a Senior Trainer/ Facilitator to join our #TeamTraineroo crew. If you are an experienced professional with a passion for unlocking (human) potential, we invite you to explore this exciting opportunity!

Walk the talk, practice what you preach. Making up some cheesy core values, put them on the website and you’re done? Not at Traineroo! We have created our own Traineroo ‘experience DNA’. Based on our purpose (reason for being), we have determined our desired customer- and participant experience. How do we want you to experience working with us? Then, with the desired experience as a starting point, we described the optimal behaviour of our Traineroo team members. This behaviour reflects in everything we do. And finally behind the scenes: our stimulating working climate and empowering leadership. The foundation of bringing our experience DNA to life! Scroll down to read more about what you will experience when joining #TeamTraineroo!
Traineroo Expoerience Blueprint - StartReverse
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Working with Traineroo means working with experienced trainers. Of course. You’ll pay for that too. But that’s not all. Inspiration is an important part of the learning process. Nobody wants to listen to a boring explanation of even more boring models, right? After all, you can simply find that knowledge on the internet. Or through one of our e-learning modules. Working with Traineroo means working with idiosyncratic and driven professionals. Personalities. A little bit crazy. Sharp as a knife. A little bit different. But always with tons of experience and dedicated to making the difference in the development of our participants and clients.
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Learning and personal development is a continuous process. Participating in training is often inspiring. You’ll learn new skills, gain knowledge and exchange experiences with other participants. And then … the intention is that you will apply what you have learned in practice. And that is quite a challenge. The real change is behavioral change. You’ll need more than just a training to make that happen. That is why a training at Traineroo is always more than just a training. Let us help you to design the most effective learning journey to reach your goals! You can count on us to encourage you in every step you take.
Traineroo Brand Experience - I AM AWARE compressed
Change starts with awareness. At Traineroo we will help you to become (even more) aware of your own behaviour and behavioral patterns. No sweet talking for us! We’re more into savory and spicy. Reflecting on behaviour is our core activity. If what you say is different from what you do, we will tell you. As a participant and as a client. You may like it. Or not. If not, don’t worry. There are plenty of alternatives. Are you open to be challenged? Then we are happy to help you with your personal development or the development of your team!
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Far too often we just accept our victories and move on. Working on your personal development, learning and experiencing real growth… That’s worth a celebration! Just like completing your first marathon. And whether you have set a world record or are last to cross the finish line: you can be proud of every single step you have taken. And because we also like a good party, we are happy to celebrate it with you!

Do you want to be part of #TeamTraineroo? Just click the button below to check our vacancies. We can’t wait to receive your application!

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