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Jeroen van der Schenk has a strong hospitality background. From having fear of speaking in front of groups to a stage animal! With over 20 years of experience in training, coaching and (service) concept development. He’s best in his element when things can be a little more provocative. Reflection with the right intentions. Dutch directness. Allergic to bullshit and smooth talk. He is happy to give (solicited and unsolicited) advice. Strongly driven by his purpose: unlocking (human) potential.  Making a difference for people, teams and organisations.

Jeroen is convinced that, even with skills training such as Time Management or Revenue Management, it ultimately involves a behavioural change. Just following a one-day training will not have the desired effect. Many organisations offer blended learning programs. But how blended are they really? And for what purpose? After years of experience in training and team development, Jeroen decided to do things differently. Which resulted in the launch of in 2020. Taking the desired participant- and customer experience as a starting point. Exclusively working with committed trainers & coaches who inspire, challenge, encourage and … celebrate. Together. Are you looking for an enthusiastic partner for talent development, cultural change of strategy development? Feel free to contact Jeroen!


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You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone.


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Webinar | From Software Implementation to Behavioural Change

When you want to work more efficiently, automation is key. The urgency to implement new software solutions has been given a huge boost by COVID-19. One of the most underestimated parts of a successful software implementation is the facilitation of behavioural change. And in most cases even a cultural change.

Pui Ho - Trainer Tortilla Mexican Grill
Pui Ho
Le Pain Quotidien
Head of Training UK & Ireland

Love the style! As a trainer, it’s always great to watch fellow trainers work. I felt energized and inspired in the two days I spent with their trainer Jeroen van der Schenk and, to prove you can still teach old dogs tricks, I learned a few tips from him!

Denis Drossart - Selina Hotels
Denis Drossart
Selina Hotels
Global VP Operations, Guest Experience & Culture

It has been an absolutely pleasure and true gem working with them! They are true customer experience professionals and have been a key player in our Brand activation journey. Jeroen is an expert in advising, coaching, and inspiring his audience. He made a significant impact on our teams’ behavior to help them engage on a delight level with our guests and team members. It’s with absolute confidence that I would recommend them to any company looking to improve their culture & customer experiences.

Kevin Kamble - Emaar Hospitality The Address Skyview Dubai
Kevin Kamble
Emaar Hospitality Dubai
Assistant Chief Concierge

The leadership program learned me to be a more empowering and recognizing leader towards my team. The virtual classroom sessions were a valuable addition to the training program. I loved the Leadership Karaoke! I have gained insights to optimize and nurture the talents within my team and worked on my coaching skills. I highly recommend this leadership training!

Nicole Bon - Corendon Hotels - Group HR Director
Nicole Bon
Corendon Hotels & Resorts
Group HR Director

Passionate, dedicated, challenging and good understanding of our business made Jeroen a great match to design and execute our blueprint. With his focus to deliver but with a good eye for the sensitivities in the organisation, Jeroen and his team managed to run a very successful Casting Event in Curacao! Behind the scenes we worked with Jeroen to further shape our blueprint, sharpen our mission/vision, worked on leadership and the desired guest experience. With his pragmatic and challenging approach we managed to have a blueprint in a very short time frame which helped us to recruit the right people, designed the desired guest journey and at the same time to measure it, but above all, Jeroen reflected in such a way that it was maybe the greatest gift he gave us, it was exactly what we needed as a company to take the next steps and further grow towards the future.

Mark Kirby - Emaar Hospitality - Address Hotels Downtown Dubai
Mark Kirby
The Address Hotels Dubai
Area General Manager

I first met Jeroen whilst working on a new project for The Address Hotels Cluster. As a consultant trainer and expert in structural change into a new NXT Level innovative culture, Jeroen was heading up the leadership training. He is extremely professional in training and has an ability to connect emotionally with his delegates. His humbleness and ability to be so open about his own experiences and stretches, enabled an immediate buy in with the leaders. He trains with clear examples and solid experiences from the field which is up to date and relevant. He is not afraid to highlight any challenges ensuring that everyone is at the same pace. Over the COVID-19 lock-down he continued an online 8-week training program, keeping our hotels to remain connected, keeping alive the work and mindset shift pre COVID. I would have no challenge in recommending him to other companies and organisations and would love to continue to work with him in the future – a true gentleman.

Jeroen de Laat - Corporate Recruiter - Traffic Service Nederland
Jeroen de Laat
Corporate Recruiter

Back to the context! How you look at something determines your behaviour, and thus the result! I have learned to apply the dosing of energy in giving training and presentations. During the Train-the-Trainer sessions I gained more insight into how I communicate and the effect on others. Eye-opener was the secondary importance of the training subject. With the right skills, you can facilitate training courses & workshops on any subject!

Ralf Reuken - Algemeen Directeur Traffic Service Nederland
Ralf Reuken
Traffic Service Nederland
CEO / Managing Director

Together with Jeroen we mapped the Culture DNA of Traffic Service The Netherlands. Thanks to Jeroen’s connecting behaviour, we managed to define our identity within a short period of time. With commitment of all team members! Jeroen has been inspiring, confronting, but above all indispensable to us. #veryhappywiththeresult

Francesco Monaco - Apollo Hotels
Francesco Monaco
Apollo Hotels
Managing Director

We invited Jeroen van der Schenk to lecture at our annual commercial day. The idea was to give our team more insight into the changing ways of (online) communication with our guests. It turned out to be an exceptional, dynamic, and fun session. The professionalism and pleasant approach literally lifted our day: The Sky was certainly The Limit!

Jan Bon - Ford Academy
Jan Bon
Ford Motor Company
Manager Ford Academy

Jeroen van der Schenk has provided various training, coaching and presentation sessions for the Ford Academy. This has laid the foundation for awareness of the digital world in our organisation. They can motivate people like no other in an infectious way, both in groups and individually. A pleasant and reliable partner to work with.

Vas Morriën
SIXT Rent-a-Car
Sr. Executive Manager Performance & Skills

Jeroen has a unique way of capturing and engaging small and bigger groups. Also, I like the way he uses his own experience in relation to the content/topic, this makes people relate and remember in a better way. That same experience also makes sure he has a solution or best practice for everything. Jeroen van der Schenk is a one-in-a-million guy, with a great view on customer/guest experience. His universal character fits many (company) cultures.

Jerome Vandermeulen - Founder of Manhattn's
Jerome Vandermeulen
CEO / Founder

Jeroen puts his passion into every single training or workshop. And fundamentally understand the importance of customer-centricity and caring more about the details. The trainings are simply profound and challenges the hospitality DNA of every participant, because of his longstanding expertise in this field. Keep up the great work!

Yentl Syoen - Umamido - Train-the-Trainer at
Yentl Syoen
Umamido Ghent
Lead Manager

Learned a lot during the 2-day Train-the-Trainer training we had. nows how to get the best out of people and helps you how to train a group of people, keep their interest (and how to make them quiet 😁). Had to step out of my comfortzone for, this but I’m proud that I did! Useful skills I can use everyday at my job. Looking forward for the next ones. Thank you Jeroen!

Yamina Ihadrine - Umamido - Train-the-Trainer at
Yamina Ihadrine
Umamido Brussels

Jeroen van der Schenk from guided me through my very first training session. He gave me tips and tricks that helped a lot. Because of his coaching, my first training session in front of a group of more than 15 participants was a great succes. I would highly recommend to everyone who is looking for a Train-the-Trainer program that will boost positivity, triggers into action, an energizes!

Guy Quirynen - Umamido Ramen Shop - Traineroo Culture Development
Guy Quirynen
CEO / Founder

Bringing Jeroen van der Schenk from to our company was like giving it a little electro shock. With their experience, keen understanding of our company culture and sheer enthusiasm, they guided us through identifying and solidifying our Umamido DNA. And start the process of incorporating it in the entire organisation. Aside the great impact this had for Umamido, I am most grateful for the amazing learning experiences Jeroen provided to some of Umamido’s key people in training. We look forward to the rest of process!

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