Aseem Kapoor is a veteran human resources and talent expert, helping organisations grappling with universal circumstances that are challenging the status quo of a corporate environment. As an award-winning business-focused professional over 20 years in Emaar, Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, Taj Hotels and The Oberoi Group, Aseem understands the pressure points on talent management through varying cycles of change, economic climates and ambitious goals.

Through his Dubai-based company ARK People Solutions he takes the approach that events like COVID-19 have accelerated change to the extent that corporate HR departments have new considerations to tackle, reduced budgets and smaller teams to execute essential functions.

Aseem is driven by a People First mindset. He provides solutions which are simple, free of jargon, fast to implement and easy to upskill within the team of the client thus enabling transfer of knowledge and continuity of initiatives. Learn more? Feel free to contact Aseem!


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Organizations must change not just to be successful, but to survive!


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A Culture of Trust

We have known all along that to get any semblance of a culture going within an organization, the first and foremost requirement is to create a Culture of Trust. Nothing more can provide a base as strong as trust for any company culture to grow and prosper. Why? Because apart from the thousands of researches which have demonstrated this, human nature is it’s biggest supporter…

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Simplicity is the new Black!

Many organizations and leaders face the conundrum of simplicity versus complexity on a daily basis – though even with the best intention of keeping things simple, complexity seeps it’s way in. As I started my research on this topic, I realized that simplicity and its importance to an organization has been written since the late 90s but majority of the case studies where organizations grappled with simplicity were from that period or after. So, I started deep-diving as to why organizations are unable to embrace simplicity as a norm and some interesting insights came up.

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