Fons van den Bend is an experienced trainer / coach. With his background in the hotel industry and trade fairs & events sector, he is very connected to topics like hospitality and customer experience, vitality & employee happiness and leadership development. Fons is a partner at the Vitality Group. In collaboration with the Vitality group, Traineroo helps people and employees to feel healthy, secure and comfortable under all circumstances. You don’t have to be sick to get better!

Fons’s credo is “We are all equal, but not the same…“. No one is more or less than another, but we are not the same person! To connect means you have to be curious about what moves people. Fons is a personality with a purpose. Using his international experience in the role of trainer, coach and consultant to make a difference. He facilitates training in Dutch, English, French and German. His style is characterised by humor, safety, confrontation and – when and where necessary – provocation. Direct interventions, reflection and increasing awareness of behaviour are leading. He helps people to translate insights into concrete actions.

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We are all equal. But not the same!


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Michiel Baart
Michiel Baart
Commercial Manager

Working with Fons van den Bemd at Libema was inspiring and a great learning process. Fons has its own unique style in managing and coaching people. When you get to know him, you will understand that he always wants the best for the employees and the company. Fons is always willing to listen to good arguments and guides people in their professional and personal growth.

Erik Klaassen - Youke
Eric Klaassen
Manager Kwaliteit, Ontwikkeling en Veiligheid

All seats were taken at his Vitality & Happiness workshop, why has everyone been so busy lately? Through all kinds of working methods we found out that you are partly to blame for this yourself. The coaches asked us very good questions as a result of a dialogue in which we had to listen sincerely and openly to the other and only ask questions. Very personal things were told by the participants in complete safety. Powerful and vulnerable, a very special workshop that certainly deserves to be repeated!

Yvonne Stas - HR Manager SMART Photonics
Yvonne Stas
SMART Photonics
HR Manager

The vitality workshop “Healthy Work Pressure” has given us a better understanding of work stress and the importance of mindset in it. What do you find important and how do you react to situations? When you feel good about yourself as a person, have made good (work) choices and have a positive mindset, you will experience less work stress. In addition, it was very connecting to do this workshop together because we’ve got to know each other better on sensitive topics. This contributed to more understanding for each other!

Edward van Ravenswaaij
Country Manager Commercial Benelux

If you want to be inspired and amazed, then Traineroo is the right partner. They empathise very well with the company and team and give direction to the organization!

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