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Curious about how customers or guests are experiencing the interaction with your co-workers and organization? Conducting a mystery visit (visit restaurant, shop etc ..) or mystery call (service or sales related) will provide an interesting insight into the current situation. This solutions is also often used in preparation for a training or as a zero-measurement. By conducting multiple mystery visits or mystery calls, the result of your (and our) efforts can be measured.

The mystery shoppers/visitors from our partner Inprove Mystery Shopping are trained to observe ‘concrete behavior’. We do not only measure quality, service standards and procedures. We also measure customer experience/guest experience. In the most objective way possible! After all, experience is always personal. Mystery shopping provides insight into employee behavior, brand experience, internal processes and quality – all crucial business KPIs.

  • Identifying the gap between desired- and actual customer experience.
  • Reporting including advice to improve the customer experience.
  • The final result: increased customer engagement and loyal customers.
INPROVE Mystery Visits - Customer Experience - Employee Engagement
Customer Experience is simply a result of inspiring leadership and a stimulating working climate. We do not only measure customer engagement with our mystery visits or calls, but we also measure employee satisfaction (employee engagement) and customer satisfaction. All results will be published in a real-time online dashboard. So you can take proper action when and where necessary. Have a look at the services we offer in collaboration with our partner Inprove.
Employee Engagement Survey
Happy employees will make happy customers & guests! How about the satisfaction of employees in your organisation? Traineroo facilitates the development, implementation and analysis of Employee Engagement Surveys. We also have fixed formats in place to translate survey results in focus points and concrete actions (Train-the-Trainer based concept).
Customer Engagement Survey
By measuring customer satisfaction / customer experience you gain insight into the extent to which customers or guests appreciate your product and/or service. What is greatly appreciated by customers? And where can we further develop as an organisation? Measuring on themes, topics and NPS score. Compare departments or venues. With our virtual dashboard solutions you'll have realtime insights on Customer- and/or Employee Engagement!
Mystery Visits & Calls
Mystery shopping offers insight into the behaviuor of employees, the overall brand experience of customers/guests, the quality of internal processes and service standards. With our online dashboard you'll have realtime insights!
360 Degree Feedback
Are you the inspiring and energetic leader you think you are? Are you really always open to receive constructive feedback? Our 360 Degree Feedback surveys offers insight from different perspectives. These insights will help you to define personal growth opportunities. Ready to reflect?
Do you want to work on improving customer experience and quality? Then, in addition to a clear goal, you also need a starting point. We are happy to tell you more about our scans & surveys! Besides that, we can also design and implement service concepts. Click the contact button below and drop us a line. We’ll get back to you within 8 hours!
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