Working with Miriam Tol guarantees a lot of enthusiasm and ‘hands-on’ mindset. It makes sense, because on top of her passion for facilitating training courses and guiding teams, Miriam has been co-owner of an ultra-modern dairy farm for over 20 years. She is used to getting things done. To say it like it is. Dutch directness. If you talk a lot without saying anything, Miriam will tell you. So please, leave your “management bingo” words at home and get to the point!

From her background in corporate finance, Miriam knows a lot about strategy and business plans. And about how to translate them to realistic objectives. Clean and pragmatic. That is why Miriam is also strong in translating strategic issues to execution level. Miriam is committed to (task) clarity and job satisfaction, both on-the-job and within a management team.

And another nice bonus: Miriam likes to invite you and your team to her dairy farm in Zeewolde (The Netherlands) for your training or workshop. Literally with your feet in the shit! Would you like to meet Miriam? Click here to send her a message.


Do you want to get in touch with Miriam? You can send a message directly using the form below. She will get back to you soon!

It is only the farmer who faithfully plants seeds in the spring, who reaps a harvest in the autumn…


Miriam Tol helps organisations translate strategy and objectives into concrete actions. From her experience, Miriam regularly shares articles on relevant topics. Often based on own experiences. Do you want to stay informed about new publications from Miriam Tol and the other #TeamTraineroo authors? Sign up for our monthly Traineroo Update!

Learning Longevity Model by Traineroo
Learning & Development: From ROI Towards Learning Longevity

Measuring the Return on Investment (ROI) in learning and development initiatives is tough to do. The impact of the learning programs can only be truly measured over a period of time. High impact learning organizations, tend to significantly outperform their peers in several areas. Learn more about learning longevity and download our white-paper, including 5 free L&D tools!

The Power of Music in Training

One of the most challenging parts of facilitating training sessions: actively managing the energy level to enhance learning and engagement. The use of music during a training, workshop or event – if chosen properly – contributes to creating the right atmosphere and will drive the learning experience and participant performance.

Team Meeting Motivation - Traineroo
10 questions to get your team (and yourself) ready

It’s the end of the year, and you most likely have created beautiful plans for 2023. How can we ensure they don’t end up where our resolutions end up? Research shows that New Year’s resolutions are manufactured to fail. In fact, 80% of people who have made a resolution have failed by the beginning of February. How can we shift our mindset so that we don’t fall into the same patterns and pitfalls as humans and as a team? How do you get your team 2023 ready?

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