Consultative Selling, what is it? The CEO of a large car importer once told us: We no longer hire employees from the IVA (Automotive Academy). When a customer walks into the showroom, I need people who can connect. Rather than salesmen with a lot of knowledge about cars. It has turned out to be a trend. The (commercial) world around us is changing. Customers are expecting more and more. Especially related to customer experience. Research shows that 86% of all customers are willing to pay more for the same product or service with a better experience. Let that sink in for a moment. Then the next fact from the same survey: 49% of buyers make additional (impulse) purchases when experiencing personalized service.

So we can conclude by saying that a transition is taking place from product-oriented sales towards solution-oriented sales. When you sell from an advisory point of view, you’ll focus on the added value of your product and by that focus on the best possible solution for your customer. To be able to do so, connection and trust are essential. The Consultative Selling training is particularly effective if you want to take sales conversations to the next level. Stop selling, start helping to buy.


The training Consultative Selling is relevant for employees who have direct contact with customers in a commercial environment. Whether this is in a store, a car company, an accountancy office or restaurant. Consultative Selling is also very useful for employees who are in contact with customers by phone or online via email, whatsapp or chat. A partly different approach applies here, which is also dealt with during the training. Have a look at the learning objectives and the training topics!


You will receive a digital intake survey prior to the training. We ask you to think about what you want to get out of this sales training. In this way we ensure that the Consultative Selling training perfectly matches to your individual needs and learning goals.

After this training:
  • you will know the difference between product-oriented and solution-oriented sales;
  • you are able to quickly gain insight into customer needs;
  • you have learned how to connect on a personal level, fast and effectively;
  • you will advise your customers with more confidence and pleasure;
  • you will know the ins and outs of sales, communication and negotiation skills;
  • (price) objections and resistance have become means to closing deals;
  • you will be able to pitch your products and services like no other; and
  • you will work (more) systematically on optimizing sales and profit.

Do these learning objectives perfectly match what you are looking for? Request a proposal for an in-company training Consultative Selling (from 5 to 15 participants). Are you dealing with different learning objectives? We are happy to advise you on a tailor-made training. Fully focused on your team, organisation and learning goals!

Training topics

The training Consultative Selling is a sales training with a strong focus on connecting and building trust. The training is interactive and based on ‘experience based learning’. In short: learning by experiencing! Below you’ll find an overview of the main topics of this sales training.

  • Context: From selling to helping customers to buy
  • The need behind the need
  • Fundamentals of Solution Selling
  • Communication Skills
  • Connecting on a deeper level
  • Why stories sell better than business cards
  • The 10 Steps of Consultative Selling
  • Dealing with objections and resistance
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Side stepping
  • Deal!

Training at Traineroo is never just a training. To increase the results, our trainings are part of a ‘learning journey‘. All open training courses include ‘Impact Level 1’ by default. Please read here what’s included in your learning journey. If you opt for an in-company training Consultative Selling, the learning journey can be optimized with additional modules.


From € 178,00 per participant* (excl. location costs)

Do you have more than 4 participants to join the Consultative Selling training? We suggest to have this training take place ‘in-company’. A maximum of 15 people can participate in this training. If you want more employees to participate, we can split the group or have an extra trainer to join. With an in-company training you can determine the most optimal ‘learning journey’ yourself. We offer 4 ‘impact levels’ which, based on your needs, can be further customized with on-the-job coaching or a mystery call/visit.

* This rate is based on participation of 15 employees, including learning journey ‘Impact Level 1′</ a>.


From € 231,00 per participant* (excl. location costs)

Do you really want to optimally design the training to meeting your learning objectives? We are happy to develop a custom-made training for you. Using existing content when possible to save costs. Depending on the current situation and the desired situation, we determine the learning objectives together. And based on that, the most optimal approach. In addition to training and workshops, we also offer over 20 learning activities. From e-learning to virtual training. From mystery visits to gamification assignments and on-the-job coaching. Please contact us for free advice!

* This rate is based on the participation of 15 employees, including the learning journey ‘Impact Level 1’, limited adjustments to the content of the training and additional preparation time of our trainer.


Do you have a question about the Consultative Selling training? We are happy to assist! Drop us a line by using the contact form below, we will get back to you within 4 hours (7 days a week between 07:00 – 22:00). You can also reach us by phone during office hours at +31 (0)35 – 23 40 660.

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Training Consultative Selling - Traineroo.com

1 day + e-learning

Level: Advanced

Opportunities don’t happen. You create them…


Learning is a continuous process. Participating in this 1-day training Consultative Selling will be inspiring, confronting and educational. You will learn new skills, gain knowledge and exchange experiences with other participants. In addition, feedback and reflection are an important part of this training. And then … the intention is that you apply what you have learned in practice. Not easy. In most training courses, the real necessary change is a change in behavior. That’s why at Traineroo, all training courses are part of a ‘learning journey‘. In addition to a number of fixed learning journeys (Impact Level 1 – 4), we offer over 20 additional modules for the Consultative Selling training. This program is by default connected with the Impact Level 1 learning journey. What that means?Scroll down for all the details.

After registration you will receive a personalized invitation for the training Consultative Selling. In addition to some practical information such as training dates, times and location, we also pay attention to creating context. What does this sales training entail? What can you expect and above all: how can you prepare yourself to get the most optimal result?

The training Consultative Selling has learning objectives. But what do you actually want to get out of this training? How are you performing at this moment, and what expectations do you have? When will this training be successful for you? The trainer will use your input to prepare for the training. By doing so, the training will be (even) better suited to your development needs!

Before the start of the training, you will receive an invitation to our learning platform Traineroo.app. An e-learning module is waiting for you. By completing this e-learning module you are (even) better prepared for the training. And all participants will have the same starting point. In the online learning platform you will also get to know the other participants.

The time has finally come: the 1-day training Consultative Selling takes place. We believe that people learn by experiencing. Interaction, connection and reflection are the essence of our training courses. And fun. Because developing yourself should be fun too. Our trainers are experts in “managing” energy levels and group dynamics. Our sales training courses are exclusively facilitated by our Master Trainers. Trainers with extensive (international) work experience in sales & account management. That is why we guarantee that every participant, including you, will rate the training afterwards with at least an 8 (on a 1-10 scale)!

Reflection is part of our DNA. That is why we evaluate the training Consultative Selling together with you. How did you experience the training? What have been the most important learning moments? How do you look back on your own development during the training? Training should have an effect. We guarantee an average rating of at least an 8 (on a scale of 1-10). Do you rate your experience below an 8? Then we will solve that together. No additional costs apply. Simply because we don’t settle for less!

Completed all parts of the learning journey Consultative Selling? Then you will receive your Traineroo Certificate of Participation. This certificate is added to your learning profile via the online learning environment and can also be downloaded there. Just like all the handouts from this training.




Not exactly what you were looking for? Check out our other courses in the category “Sales & Account Management“. Or contact us to discuss the ideal training and learning journey , meeting your learning objectives. We are happy to assist!

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