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About e-Learning & VIRTUAL LEARNING

At Traineroo we don’t do smart talk. We like to spend our (and your) valuable time on what really adds value. To make learning more effective, it is necessary to offer several brief learning interventions. We believe that e-learning, if used correctly, has an important contribution to the learning process. Brief learning interventions with a high frequency. Gaining knowledge about, for example, a leadership model, tips to communicate better or the fundamentals of Revenue Management? When you are motivated to learn, you can easily acquire this knowledge through one of our e-learning modules. During a live training or workshop we can focus on what really matters: you and your personal development. But we can also use e-learning modules after a training or workshop. The modules will then be more focussed on applying learnings into your day-to-day working situation. We offer a wide range of e-learning modules ‘from the shelf’. But we are also happy to help you create tailor-made e-learning programs. For example for your introduction program for new employees. Or … well. Let’s just discuss how e-learning can support the development of your co-workers!

Pre-training e-Learning Modules

We like to be effective in everything we do. That is why every training contains an online e-learning module. During this e-learning module we prepare our participants for the training. A brief introduction, relevant articles, videos and assignments are part the e-learning module. It contributes to a common context of the training and a (more) common level of knowledge in the group. Moreover, we save valuable time during the training day(s). We prefer to spend our time on the personal development of the participants. By reflecting on behavior. The knowledge level of the participants is tested after each module with a brief quiz. On average, our participants spend approximately 30-60 minutes on the preparatory e-learning module.

After completing the e-learning module, the participant receives an assignment, specifically related to the training topic. The assignment must be carried out and submitted. The assignment is checked, assessed and provided with feedback by a certified trainer. Keep in mind that the participant will spend about 1-2 hours on this assignment. The assignments serve to prepare for the training and ensure that the participant is better prepared and participates in the training with sharper learning objectives. The assignment must be assessed with at least a 7 (on a scale from 1-10) to be able to participate in the live training.

Post-training e-Learning Modules

Repetition is an important part of learning. Participants quickly revert to old behavior and/or habits. That is why we stay connected with the participants via our online learning platform. After the training day, participants are invited to complete their final e-learning module. This contains repetition from the training day and additional knowledge and inspiration. But also practical tips & tricks to apply what they have learned! After the training, the participants can also ask questions and share experiences with the trainer and the other participants via our online learning platform!

After the training day, the participants receive an additional assignment for implementation. This assignment is intended to implement what they have learned from the training in daily work situations. And to safeguard the (behavioral) change. The assignment can also be intended to involve the team and/or the organization. The additional assignment is assessed by a certified trainer and provided with feedback. The participant must obtain at least a 7 (on a 1-10 scale) for this assignment to complete the training and receive their certificate.

Curious about our most popular training courses related to customer experience & service, leadership development and personal effectiveness? We have listed them for you below. Based on the number of participants over the past year and their reviews of the training based on relevance and practical applicability. Are you looking for training and in need for some inspiration? Feel free to contact us, we’re looking forward to design the most optimal learning journey meeting your objectives!
Would you like to learn more about our e-learning solutions and how we apply them into impactful learning journeys? We are happy to discuss our solutions with you. During a live meeting or via a conference call. Click on the contact button below and send us a message. We will reach out to you within 8 hours!
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