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About the Intervision Method

The Intervision Method is a form of knowledge development in a small group of leaders and/or employees who share a common challenge or problem. They can consult the expertise of others to help them gain valuable new insights. The ideal group consists of about five to eight participants. Together they dissect a problem that has been introduced by a participant or so-called ‘case provider’. They do so by asking questions using the Intervision method.

A frequently used statement by our founder Jeroen van der Schenk is: “Everybody’s an expert to someone!”. Asking open questions is a crucial part of the intervision method. As well as active listening. Because people tend to throw in solutions when a challenge is shared, we recommend to have intervision sessions facilitated by an external expert. An important advantage of intervision is the broad involvement in the solution of a problem or challenge! Do you have an (organizational) issue and do you want to know whether an intervision can contribute to solving it? We’re happy to assist, feel free to contact us!

The intervision method can be used as a separate intervention, but also as part of a team training or learning journey. We offer a wide range of training courses and learnings journeys. Curious about our most popular training courses related to customer experience & service, leadership development and personal effectiveness? We have listed them for you, based on the number of participants in the past year and reviews from our participants. Are you looking for a training program and do you need some advice? Feel free to contact us, we are happy to assist!
Experiencing organisational issues in need of a different approach? Ready to have an external moderator guiding you through this proces by using the intervision method? We are looking forward to discussing the options with you during a live meeting or conference call. Click on the contact button below and drop us a line. We’ll get back to you within 8 hours!
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