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COVID-19 is having a huge impact on the professionalisation of online learning. For us, virtual training is a crucial part of our core business. Because it is a safe and efficient way to deliver training programs. And also in most cases very cost-efficient. Technology offers us the opportunity to virtually apply many interactive methods of physical training. Energising music at the start of the online training? Check! Interactive sub-groups brainstorming in virtual break-out rooms? No problem. Hundreds of training assignments specially developed for online training? Available of-the-shelf. We even provide full-virtual leadership courses. Often in combination with e-learning modules, online assignments and 1-on-1 virtual coaching. Is your team located in different countries or regions? Do you want to save time on travelling and accommodation costs? Let’s have a chat and design an online learning journey for your team!

Almost every training course can also be delivered online with a combination of e-learning, assignments, virtual classroom sessions and 1-on-1 online coaching. We offer training courses related to a variety of topics like customer experience & service, leadership development, sales & account management or personal effectiveness. You’ll find an overview of our most popular training courses below, based on the number of participants in the past year and reviews. Are you looking for an online training or blended learning program and in need for some advice? Please free to contact us, we are looking forward to connecting with you and build the most optimal online learning journey to meet your learning objectives!
Kevin Kamble - Emaar Hospitality The Address Skyview Dubai
Kevin Kamble
Emaar Hospitality Dubai
Assistant Chief Concierge

The leadership program learned me to be a more empowering and recognizing leader towards my team. The virtual classroom sessions were a valuable addition to the training program. I loved the Leadership Karaoke! I have gained insights to optimize and nurture the talents within my team and worked on my coaching skills. I highly recommend this leadership training!

Mark Kirby - Emaar Hospitality - Address Hotels Downtown Dubai
Mark Kirby
The Address Hotels Dubai
Area General Manager

I first met Jeroen whilst working on a new project for The Address Hotels Cluster. As a consultant trainer and expert in structural change into a new NXT Level innovative culture, Jeroen was heading up the leadership training. He is extremely professional in training and has an ability to connect emotionally with his delegates. His humbleness and ability to be so open about his own experiences and stretches, enabled an immediate buy in with the leaders. He trains with clear examples and solid experiences from the field which is up to date and relevant. He is not afraid to highlight any challenges ensuring that everyone is at the same pace. Over the COVID-19 lock-down he continued an online 8-week training program, keeping our hotels to remain connected, keeping alive the work and mindset shift pre COVID. I would have no challenge in recommending him to other companies and organisations and would love to continue to work with him in the future – a true gentleman.

Marjon Terpstra - Olympia - Kirsten Lang Traineroo Training Coaching Consultancy
Marjon Terpstra
Performance Solutions
Lead Development - Product Owner a.i. GrowBee

Kirsten is a talented, committed and passionate professional. I have experienced Kirsten as someone who is open to innovation, precise and pragmatic. But above all, very pleasant and transparent in collaboration. Kirsten is a true professional with a passion for what she does!

At Traineroo, designing and delivering interactive learning journeys is our core business. Virtual Training and Online Training are a crucial part of our learning journeys. Online training can also be offered separately as a ‘full virtual program’ and is an effective add-on to face-to-face training. We work with experienced ‘digital savvy’ trainers. Working with the best and most scalable online learning platforms and experts in keeping our participants virtually connected. Would you like to learn more about our of online training courses and virtual learning journeys? Hit the contact button below and drop us a line. We’ll get back to you within 8 hours!
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